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PROPHECY: "Come To The Water And Drink"-The Water Well Drilling Project
April 14, 2005

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December, 2005-Kenya

“Come To The Water And Drink”
Water hole for 1,000 at Kittui

Those words were given to me in a vision. I had been praying about a desperate situation that I saw in my first visit to Africa, and God showed me things that were to come. That desperate situation is still with me, and I carry those people around in my memory with me now. I have been to Africa twice in the last seven months, and I am preparing to go there again later this April with Randy McKee, but I still have that situation on my mind.

I have since studied about water problems on planet Earth. It is reported by the United Nations that 1 billion people on our planet have inadequate water supplies. That is a very big number. It is difficult to fathom or understand. We read a number like that, and it is difficult to process in our minds. Sometimes, it is easily forgotten by people who live in comfort.

I live in a home where we have four indoor water faucets and two indoor showers. The water supply is continuous. It has never been shut off while I have lived here. We have two flushing toilets, and two outdoor faucets. In short, water has always been something that I, as an American, simply took for granted. Every home has water here. It has always been abundant. Even the poorest of the poor in America have running water in their homes. If not, and they live deep in the woods, they have a well that never dries up.

“Come To The Water And Drink”
Water hole for 1,000 at Kittui

October, 2004 marked the last days of my first six week trip to Africa. God had miraculously made a way for me to travel there, and to meet new friends where I had known absolutely no one before. He allowed me to blaze a trail, and to find a path where others may now follow. During those last days, I was suffering from pneumonia, and most of the last two weeks I spent in bed or resting around the home of Chris Okumu.

On the last Sunday, Chris carried me to a place in Eastern Kenya, named Kittui. The drive there proceeded through a few small towns, and then out, across an increasingly barren and dry land. The last fifty miles of our three hour drive East of Nairobi led us across many dried up river beds. There was no green vegetation. I began to wonder how these people were surviving. What were they eating? How were they getting water to drink? I had many questions.

We arrived at the church just a few minutes prior to the set time for commencement of the services, and brother Chris said that he wanted to take me to show me the water hole. So, off we went, back to the West of the church, to a distance of about two miles. We got out of our cars, and made our way, by foot, down to the dried up river bed, and we walked out into the middle of it, where a woman was stooped over, standing down in the bottom of a four foot deep hole, and scooping water into a jug. Another man was nearby, with a bicycle that had three jugs attached to it by bungee cords.

Chris explained to me that everyone in these regions had to come down to this water hole to get water. That included the animals too. This is the only water in the area. Some people walk five hours to reach that water hole. The well to do ones have a bicycle, which they can obtain for about $50. For the rest, they must walk. I was quite shocked, and almost could not believe what I was being told, but there it was, right in front of me: that water hole. The only green trees in the whole area were the ones just bordering the dried up river bed. Their root systems must be stretching to reach the underground water supply. Everything else is dried up there, for as far as the eye can see.

“Come To The Water And Drink”
Water hole for 1,000 at Kittui

After taking many pictures of the place, I was carried back to the church, where I preached a message to them, and attempted to encourage them. I said nothing of it to those people, but I decided, on that day, to do whatever I could do to bring them water, and I began to pray about it, and to inquire about how it might be done.

The people who were the players in this tragic play were incredible. They were joyful. I counted 63 persons in our church service. Every one of them was smiling, and joyful. Not a one appeared to be grumbling and complaining. And………they all appeared to be CLEAN. They were not foul smelling at all, though they had no water for personal cleanliness and laundering their garments. I asked their pastor about it. He could only reply: it is God’s grace.

“Come To The Water And Drink”

One day, while I was in prayer, the Lord spoke to me, and told me that I would not drill one well, but that I would drill a hundred. In every location where a well will be drilled, we will hold evangelism outreaches. The advertising flyers that will promote the outreaches will carry that title: “Come To The Water And Drink”. That was last October: six months ago.

One month later, I received a telephone call from a man whom I knew in High School, back in my hometown. He had seen the pictures on my website of this desperate situation, and wanted to help. It seemed to me that we might be able to do something big now, because my old friend Jay was employed by the US Government. Jay has many ideas, but no money. So Jay and I began to pray, and to try to bring this dream of helping these people to be a reality.

Since that time, some people have sent some money to help with the project, but not nearly enough has come in to complete even the very first well of the hundred. Jay has many ideas about how to do the hundred wells, and I have the contacts to drill the first one, but still, not enough money to even start on the first well. Some discouragement has begun to creep in to some of the team.

We have done what we can do. I have continued to travel to Africa, and to write about this need on my internet website and my web groups on Yahoo. The airline travel is expensive: an average of $1,500 for each trip. We have done the geological survey at the Kittui church site. We know where the water is. We have acquired the permit for drilling. I still have a few thousand dollars saved up from the money that people have sent me: waiting to drill the first well, or even, to commence with something bigger if it becomes possible. Still, we wait upon the Lord.

I felt a strong leading of the Lord to write this article, at this time, about this project prior to my embarkation date for my third trip to Africa, and so, I am being obedient in my writing of this article. Once again, I will publicize the need, and put the pictures of the situation before my readers. Perhaps someone new will be touched by it, and they will have the financial ability to do something about it where others who have already known about it have not had that ability to fully fund what is needed in that place.

My original discussion with the well drilling company provided me with an estimate to drill that well in Kittui: $15,000. From the geological survey that was prepared, I would estimate that it might be a bit higher, since they found water at 120 meters. Then, when the well is complete, we will need to outfit the well with a pump, and with a storage tank. I estimate that $20,000 will do the job, if someone feels the call of God to finance the whole project.

There is no electricity anywhere near this site, nor anywhere in that region, so the pump will either be of the hand operated variety, or it will be operated by battery stored solar power. We will make that decision when we see what our available money is.

Right now, some members of our team are beginning to give way to some discouragement. The West Kenyans thought they would have their truck by now, but they are having to wait. The East Kenyans thought this well would be done, but still, we wait upon the Lord.

I have seen this with God: He almost always makes it necessary for His servants to wait upon him, and to remain steadfast in their faith. To the natural eye, it appears, in many cases, as though God has forgotten His people. Then, He suddenly provides and rescues them, at a very late moment. This has happened with my trips to Africa, over and over again. God has provided financially many times, at the very last minute, prior to and during these trips. We have never suffered need, but have had just what we needed, just when we needed it. But very rarely have we had the required money sitting in our banks for weeks in advance. God provides at the point of need.

Some of the people who have heard about this project are beginning to mock, and say that it will never happen. They are putting pressure on my associates in Kenya. Some are becoming discouraged, and I have been doing my job of calling them to focus on God and on the job at hand.

God provides at the point of need, and we have reached that point where we have done everything that is currently available or possible for us to do. Now, we are simply waiting upon God to provide the money for the drilling. We are ready, and waiting upon the Lord.

I believe it will happen, and I believe it is a project that God will provide for. I continue to wait upon the Lord, and to resist all forms of unbelief, to resist grumbling and discouragement. I praise the Lord for bringing Jay Mansfield and Randy McKee onto the team. Others have said that they will help as well. May the Lord enable them to do His will, and give them strength to do it.

Patient endurance is required on the part of the saints. Experience has taught me that initiating new projects, and breaking through to complete the very first part of something big is the very toughest thing, and draws the most opposition from Satan. Once the first well has been completed, it will be much easier to complete the second.

Now, I am writing this update after the third trip, and I remain committed to doing something to meet this need. My ideas have changed a bit. I think it will work much better if we create a "water compound", which is secure. This will cost a bit more, but it will prevent the well from being rendered useless by thieves. With adequate funding, I would like to construct an orphanage at each "water compound". Jay informs me that we are getting closer to having some funds to turn these visions into reality.

“Come To The Water And Drink”
Water hole for 1,000 at Kittui

May the Lord God watch over all of us for good, and for the good of the faithful people of Eastern Kenya, who continue to joyfully praise the Lord their God, while they steadfastly endure a very difficult situation. This provides a godly example to all of us who have so much, and still complain about petty problems we encounter. They are not grumbling, and neither should we. The Lord our God is faithful, and He loves His children very much. Please continue to pray for us as the Lord leads you.

God bless you all,

Stephen L. Bening

MISSION PLAN FOR April 24, 2005 to June 10, 2005

Randy Mckee (Watchmen Prophets Assembly leader from Oregon) and I are going on mission together. The plan has been set, and the tickets are purchased. Now, all we have to do is coordinate with the Kenyans who pick us up at the airport. It seems they have trouble figuring out what day we arrive.

On the last trip, they had thought that I was arriving one day earlier than actual. I just received email from David Walukhu today, and he was again, mistaken in his understanding, except that this time, he thinks we will arrive two days earlier than actual. I guess those fellows like to hang around the airport.

Randy and I are excited about the propects of ministering together, in three African nations, for more than six weeks. We realize that there are more signs than you can shake a stick at that the day of the Lord is at hand, but we also believe that God is going to allow his remnant to prosper, and to carry out the great commission as times grow tougher and tougher. I expect, by faith, that God will bring us there and bring us back safely.

David Walukhu (African Mission Coordinator) has, once again, been doing great work in coordinating our steps. The plan is for ministry in the following places:

.............Misikhu, Western Province, Kenya, where we will hold an outdoor evangelistic crusade for five days. I preached in a church there on my last day in the Western Province during the last trip. The people were dancing and praising the Lord so exuberantly, that they kicked up a tremendous dust cloud in the mud floored church.

............Kampala, Uganda, where we will hold an outdoor evangelistic crusade for six days, in conjunction with Friends of Christ Ministries and Pastor Emmanuel Lubuulwa.

............Chepsaita, Western Province, Kenya, near Mount Elgon, where we will hold an outdoor evangelistic crusade for five days. I travelled there on my first trip to Africa back in September. It is a very small place, with no electricity. It is an hour from "civilization". In the past, it has been very "hard" ground for other ministries, SO PLEASE PRAY. Chwele was hard ground before we reached there too, and God gave a great harvest too. Chepsaita is 45 minutes West and North of Chwele.

............Bujumbura, Burundi, where we will hold an outdoor evangelistic crusade of an undetermined length at the present time.

............Kittui, Eastern Kenya. This is in somewhat of a questionable status right now. I had hoped to be arranging for the drilling of a water well in Kittui right now, but the money has not come in yet to do the job. I really cannot do an outdoor evangelistic crusade in that place, where people walk five hours for water, unless I deal with the need for water first. We have the geological survey, and we have purchased the permit to drill. Now, all we need is the $12,500 to drill the well.

................Nairobi, Kenya. There is a plan in the works for an evangelistic crusade on the edge of Kibera Slum. I am excited about this. While in Nairobi with brother Chris, we will no doubt travel around to many rural churches.

As usual, my team in Kenya begins to get worried because God always seems to provide financially at the 11:59 hour. I am trusting that all our needs will be met, as they have been in the past.

Randy and I have purchased our air tickets. My cost was about $1,200 and his was $1,500. We are flying together from Miami, to Amsterdam, and then on to Nairobi.

Previous experience has taught me that my expenses, including the monies that I give to orphans and the poor, usually amount to $2,500 per week when I am there, ministering in the crusades.

You might wonder what we spend the money on? Well, they buy lumber and build the platforms that we preach and praise from. Posters and handbills are printed for each event, and we economize as much as possible by printing them all in Eldoret, Kenya, where David Walukhu can make the best bargain.

We also buy food for the participants and ministers in the conference, and we have to rent bed rolls for the workers who will stay the entire time and watch over the equipment. Then, we have gasoline and car rental costs, as well as costs for renting sound systems.

We stay in private homes, for free, whenever possible. We never pay hotel bills during these events. So you can forget any ideas you might have about luxury accomodations for Randy and I. I have stayed in homes without electric power or running water.

God is my supply. He has miraculously sent me on two of these trips. I have had no money to do it, but he always provides, from somewhere. It has been miracle after miracle.

I have been noticing that TBN is on a financial stampede to shake every last dollar out of their viewers. I won't do that to you. But please, if God puts a burden on your heart for Randy and I, and you want to help with the evangelism, water wells or with the support for the more than 500 orphans that we help there, we need your support and help. Both of us are walking on the water again with this trip. Our eyes are on Jesus.

Please do not assume that because Randy and I do not write long messages about financial giving and support that we have no need. We do have need, but we trust the Lord, and we trust each of you to hear His voice, and then, to please obey, for your benefit and ours.

Once again, I thank everyone who has helped with the previous two missions. God bless and keep you one and all.

Stephen L. Bening

My Africa Wish List Is As Follows:

Project #1-$100,000 to $1 million-For 100 water wells, beginning at Kittui. I am told we will have to drill 200 wells to develop 100 producing wells. This money will purchase drilling equipment and a large truck to carry it in. The first well in Kittui can be done for $20,000, if we hire the job out to a drilling company. We have already completed the geological survey, and we have obtained the drilling permit.

Project #2-$5,000-Two, 250 person event tents-cost $2,500 each. I have already visited the tent manufacturer in Nairobi. We need this tent for holding bigger crusades in Kenya.

Project #3-$7,500-We need to purchase a sound system for use in the Kenya crusades. I am planning on being in Africa, four times per year. We rented the sound system for the three events we just held. We anticipate holding bigger events, and we will need a more powerful system. With the sound system, we need a generator to power it.

Project #4-$10,000-A truck for David Machimbo Walukhu, my missions coordinator, in Kenya. Right now, David has no vehicle, and travels by bus. I am shopping for one this week, for dual use with the water project. We have found a 2002 Toyota Hi Rider, for 850,000 Kenyan Shillings. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ITEM.

Project #5-$5,000-Completion of the stone wall that will totally encircle Sowetto Academy. This is really needed to keep people from using walkways right through the middle of the school and orphanage. Right now, the wall is about 25% complete.

Jesus says, "you have not because you ask not". I say, Lord Jesus, I Am Asking!

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