ARTICLE: Your Need For Jesus
September 26, 2002

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A consensus has formed among the prophets that in our time, as humans reckon it, God has decided to step into time and to reveal himself plainly. A line has been crossed, as one prophetess puts it. I have used the term “ZERO HOUR”. Another prophet has heard the warning sirens blowing. One prophetess was awakened and has heard trumpets blowing and has heard a call to return to the Lord.

God has further responded with silence: a holy hush that one rarely experiences. When it happens, no one wants to break it. God wants our attention.

Almost two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ left the eternity of His existence and entered time, in the form of a baby. Born to a virgin, yet called a mamzer (a bastard), he lived a life of perfection in his thirty three years here and was killed for it.

If that had been the end of the story, it would have been impressive, but it would not have changed my life.

He rose from the dead. Improbably, unbelievably, HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD. Our bibles record in the twentieth chapter of John that his closest friends and disciples did not even remember that He had taught them that he would rise after death at the hands of the Romans. Yes, the scribes and the Pharisees, the religious leaders of that day, remembered that He had taught this, and they asked the Romans to guard the tomb well.

Jesus had, by my count, taught his disciples at least five times in very clear words that he would be arrested by the Jewish authorities, turned over to the Romans, be tried, found guilty, be killed and that He would rise from the dead on the third day. When all of these events happened, none of the followers of Jesus remembered these teachings. They cowered in panic and fear, shaking at what they thought might happen next.

Why did they kill him? Some people forever will argue that Jesus never claimed to be God with us, on the Earth, in a body of flesh, yet they cannot answer this question. Jewish authorities were not in the habit of killing good men who went around healing and doing good. Why did they kill Him? Scripture clearly tells us that they wanted him killed because they believed that He was guilty of blasphemy. They clearly understood in His many teachings that He had referred to himself as “The I Am”. He had claimed an eternal existence stretching back to before the days of Abraham. He had claimed equality with God. For this, and this alone, they wanted to kill him.

Paul then later taught a very simple message: In order to be saved, you must believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that God raised Him from the dead. Paul received this simple gospel (good news) by prophetic revelation. To the Jew, it is very clear, from the scriptures, that there is only one LORD. Paul was saying that THE ONE LORD was named Jesus. To the Jew, the words LORD and JEHOVAH are synonymous. Many languages, including Spanish, translate these two scriptural words in this manner. There is only one Jehovah, one Lord, and Jesus is Him. You must believe that to go to heaven and have eternal life. Furthermore, you must tell somebody about your belief.

God has, at sundry times, entered very boldly and visibly into the affairs of men. These times have not happened frequently on the Earth, but they have happened before. The first time was during the time of Moses, when God displayed His power over men and over the elements to an unbelieving Egyptian nation. The second time was, as we discussed, when God sent His son Jesus to be the fullness of deity in bodily form. He was to be called Emmanuel, which means “God with us”, according to Isaiah, who said this by prophetic revelation 700 years before it occurred. Isaiah also said that He, the messiah, would be called “The Mighty God”.

God, through His son Jesus, and through the testimony of prophets and angels, promised that one day, Jesus Christ would return to earth to gather to himself all those who believed in Him. Prior to this return, He warned us that a time of great peril and distress would come upon the world. We are about to enter that time. No one knows for sure just how long this time will last.

First, will come birth pains. As any mother knows, there is no pre determined length to child bearing. I have watched five births. One involved two hours of labor pains. One involved 36 hours of pains. My wife had no idea going in to that labor room just how long this process would last.

We have been told that much trouble and distress will occur on earth. Nations will go to war, and rumours of war will cover the earth. Then will come a time of 3 and ˝ years of great tribulation. All the prophets tell us that during this time, all the world will be focused on Israel. Israel will be a great and burdensome stone that all nations will try to lift and move.

God is just now beginning to walk to and fro in the earth, once again, just as he did in the time of Moses, and just as he did in the time of Jesus. Unbelievable, incredible events are about to occur once again. Those who are called to faith in Jesus Christ will shine more brightly. Many will begin to believe, and ask the Lord Jesus to come into their lives, and to abide with them as He promised He would. Many will become further hardened in their pursuit of the works of darkness, and will curse and blaspheme God himself as they see these troubles coming upon the earth.

I have been told that there were onlookers who watched the World Trade Center fall last year who were cursing God and Christ as they watched those events transpire, and I can believe it. Evil and darkness are spreading as a cancer, just as the light of the world has arisen among men and within men.

Now is a very good time to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ. Speak to Him. Tell Him that you have come to believe that what He said was true, and that He is the son of God, and God in the flesh. Tell him that you want Him to come and live inside of you. Ask Him to help you deal with the distresses and cares of this life that will greatly increase in the coming days. Whatever terrible things you have done in the past, simply express your heartfelt sorrow for them, and start anew and afresh today. Begin your walk with Him today.

Today, the doorway to eternal life is still open. Turn the knob, and enter into that door. Jesus is the door. One day, that door will be shut and locked, and it will not be opened no matter how loudly you knock and scream. Enter in now. Do not wait another day.

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