PROPHECY: Dream-The Diapered Babies
September 24, 2002

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I was awakened at 3:03 A.M. last night by a very unusual dream. I immediately knew that the dream had been given me by the Lord, and that it is prophetic in its implications. It was very simple.

I saw a large assembly of about a thousand people of various ages from five to 95. All of them were sitting quietly in a church setting, and all of them were wearing cloth diapers, with the big safety pins holding them together on each side of their hips.

Then, I became aware that there were thousands of assemblies, just like this one, all over the planet, and I could see there were many of them, all the same, with those same muted, diapered people of various ages. The older people looked quite funny, sitting there all dignified in their diapers.

Then, I was back in the first assembly, and an unusual thing started to happen. Some of the diapered babies of various ages began to cry and throw a fit, just as babies do when they are taken out to a restaurant by their parents. They were really starting to create a disturbance, and soon, some other babies of various ages began to join in. Soon, it was really out of control, with crying babies throwing greater fits everywhere. Remember that some of these fit throwing babies were fifty years old. What a scene!

In my dream, I was able to question the Lord. I said, "Lord, are they hungry?" "Is that why they are carrying on so?" The Lord said, "No son, they are cutting teeth. Soon, they will be meat eaters, and they will develop a hunger for meat. Whenever they don't get it, they are going to throw a fit."

I woke up, and pondered about what I had just seen and heard. The Lord's answer to me warns me that change is coming in the world's Nicolaitan assemblies. People are cutting teeth. Some of those long diapered, overgrown babies are going to be craving the meat of the word. The prophetic word is some of the best children's food there is. They are going to begin to crave it. When they are fed only milk, they are going to begin to throw a fit and carry on. They are going to begin to recognize and know when something is meaty, and when it is only milk or if it is rotten or spoiled. They are going to become fussy about their spiritual food.

The Lord let me know this is something He is going to do, not because the people are calling out to him, or because they have earned the right to grow up and shed their diapers and their milk bottles. God is simply going to do it because He has sovereignly decided to do it at this time.

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