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Intercession: Fasting Intercessors Of WPA-Prayer And Praise Bulletin #1
March 24, 2004

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Fasting Intercessors Of Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly
Prayer And Praise Bulletin #1
Commencing March 24, 2004

Brothers and Sisters:

The Lord has placed it upon my heart to begin an organized prayer and intercession ministry, in connection with the existing ministry of Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly. The vision initially consists of the raising up of twenty four intercessors (expandable to forty eight), who will co-labor toward the burden that God will supply for the intercession ministry.

You can access the intercession calendar on the front page of the website at: WPA Intercession Calendar

Once you have found the calendar, and have brought the matter before the Lord, contact me by private email at: and tell me which two hour time slot you feel led to be responsible for. We are praying that twenty four people will eventually cover the available two hour time slots, and therefore the whole twenty four hour day, and in that way, we will give no rest to God in our intercessions.

Fasting intercessors are people who have committed themselves to fast for one day each week, as well as participating in intercession in accordance with their commitment. They believe that God answers prayers and that He rules in the affairs of men. They have obtained from God a hatred of sin in their own lives, and have steadfastly purposed to separate themselves from this world, and unto our Lord.

I ask that initially, each person would sign up for only one time slot. I believe the Lord has asked that twenty four different persons should be raised up who will serve equally before the Lord. When the list begins to take shape, and two people occupy a particular time slot, I suggest that each participant might benefit from logging in to the WPA chat room and briefly sharing in preparation for commencement of their two hour intercessional period. In that way, prayers may be offered in unity, particularly where we are attacking and tearing down the works of the enemy.

Those of us who intercede, and who know the heart of the Lord at the present time, are filled with great sorrow, and are moved to tears at times, when we are in the presence of the Lord. Many of us do not know why. Sometimes, the sorrow is so deep that we give way to sleep, rather than enduring in prayer, as those disciples did when they were with the Lord in that garden. Eleven days ago, the Lord revealed to me that the whole body of Christ is walking in the footsteps of Jesus. The church is just now in the garden of Gethsemane. The intercessors are feeling the great pressure that Jesus felt when he sweat those droplets of blood and he felt that intensity of sorrow. Also, throughout the body of Christ, the Judas betrayers have been unleashed. Many prophets have been betrayed by close brethren in just the last few weeks. This is the heart of the Lord, and you must understand this to intercede properly. The church is very near to the time of the drinking of the cup, and there is no way for it to pass from us. Great suffering and sifting is to come upon the body of Christ. The intercessors are feeling this heaviness, and are experiencing this betrayal. You are going to have a great battle ahead of you in order to pray, and not to give in to sorrow induced sleep.

The following is an initial list of prayer topics:

We Give Thanks and Praise To The Lord For:
1) The peace and freedom enjoyed in our country (The USA), and in others, which makes it possible for the gospel to be preached everywhere. We praise God that terrorists and those who would destroy our freedoms have, for the most part, been thwarted in their efforts since September 11, 2001.

2) The many responses to this non-denominational ministry by people from every corner of the globe.

3) Our blessings of food, clothing, shelter, hearing the voice of the Lord and access to biblical teaching materials in abundance, which come from God alone.

4) Unrestricted internet access into many nations, which assists us in the sharing of the faith and the discipleship of new believers.

5) The doors that remain open for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in the nations.

Requests For The Church, For Governments And For Nations:
1) We pray that God will grant deep revival in Churches, establishment of new Churches where he sees fit, and the tearing down of old apostate churches where He desires. We pray that this revival will come, even in the midst of great trouble and difficulty in our lands, and that God would grant the gift of repentance to our people when they face hardships.

2) We pray that God would watch over His elect in difficulties, guiding them to safety and providing every need for His remnant.

3) We pray that God would impart an increasing burden for fasting, prayer and intercession to His servants, particularly in the United States.

Pleadings Against The Work of The Devil
1) We pray that wherever men and women of vision are trapped in the nets of immorality, are suffocating in materialism, are stifled by indifference and deadness and are by whatever means prevented from leading Godís people to the evangelistic and missionary triumphs easily within reach, that God would set them free, and rebuke the enemy on their behalf.

Requests That Are Of Special Interest To The Lord Jesus:
1) We pray for the establishment of this prayer chain unto the Lord Jesus Christ. The vision for this prayer chain is that it will be a chain of equals in service of our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray that the Lord will raise up twenty four intercessors to complete the chain, who will each intercede for two hours each day. We pray for vision in the establishment of future prayer chains, and for the growth of each intercessor. We pray that God would supply the burden to the leaders, and help to sharpen the focus of the intercession.

Stephen L. Bening

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