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Prophecy: Refuge 101
October 16, 2009

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God called me to His service in 1987 and instructed me to put what He had given me on the internet in 1996. He wanted me to learn how to build a website, so I had to learn everything about the internet from the 101 level.

So, in 2009, my work can be found on video, audio and text online. Some have been familiar with my online work for 13 years, but others are just discovering the websites. Those newcomers are sometimes dazed by the things I write about. I heard from one today who responded to my "shrinking refuge" article by writing: "What are you saying?". Somehow, there is a disconnect: a communication breakdown that I will seek to address here.

The idea of a need for refuge assumes that one perceives a need for it in the face of an imminently perceived danger. My experience has taught me that, up until now, about 5 out of every 1000 born again believers have been able to see that our nation is headed toward the cliffs of destruction. The others have been blinded in the pursuit of the Babylonish American dream.

Now that the nation is showing severe stress fractures, a few more souls are beginning to see that we are in serious trouble, and so, they have ventured out to the internet in an attempt to answer these questions that are new to them, and old to many of us.

Last week, Matthew Stephen and I conducted a chat room program with 11 pastors from a church group that is centered in California. At a point late in the program, I began to speak along the topic line that "we don't even know the depths of the trouble we are in".

First of all, consider that someone will ask us the question: "Where do you go to church?". The fact that we even have a ready answer indicates just how far we are off the right path. Jesus intended for the Kingdom of God to be within us, and we are to BE the church. Those who GO to church have a religion, and no religion will save you or provide you refuge in an hour of trouble.

Americans have been programmed to think of the church building down on the corner as being "The Church". Hence, we "go to church" just like we venture out to go to a movie or to the mall.

Someone else will query: "Who is your pastor?". The fact that we have a ready answer is, once again, an indication of the depth of our apostasy from the original plan of God. We cling to a church structure that God did not design or build. We were never intended by Jesus to be under the spiritual headship of one man. Biblical eldership was and is always plural, yet we follow along with the tradition we have received without even raising an objection.

Furthermore, what one man has ever been able to adequately pastor or shepherd another man? Jesus is the only true shepherd who can know the depths to which a person will sink into the mire of deception. Jesus knows when we are playing games in the church, even when our pastor or pastors are clueless.

One will argue: "but God uses my pastor!". I will counter that God always has and will always use messed up people to accomplish His will. The fact that God used the false prophets and false teachers who Jesus spoke about on the mount was no seal of approval. To the contrary, Jesus renounced ever knowing them, even though He never denied their claims of supernatural activities and accomplishments.

Consideration of a refuge 101 presupposes that we understand our need for refuge. To deal with that, we have to obtain, from God, an understanding of just what is the danger that is upon us. Last year, prophet Matthew and I had to deal with attacks from a woman who is a "religious Dr.", an author of many religious books, who was telling people that they did not have to leave the coastal regions of the USA in response to our warnings.

We were warning folks that danger was imminent on the Gulf Coast, and this woman was telling them to stay in Galveston (for example), and that all they need do was to just plead the blood of Jesus on their homes. This woman was interviewed on several, so called, prophetic radio programs where we had also spoken.

She is an example of the one who does not perceive the need for refuge, for she has wrong thinking about the protection that Jesus gives and the way in which He provides it. The blood of those who died in Galveston is on her hands, and on the hands of others as well who helped spread her message.

Surely, Jesus will, in some cases, provide miraculous intervention, but the gospels inform us, through Jesus, that these are, once again, the days of Noah and the days of Lot, and each of those men were required to relocate away from the approaching danger. So we too should expect that in this hour, we may very well need to relocate away from a dangerous location.

So, refuge 101 presupposes that you agree with our understanding that the coasts of the USA, along with the large urban areas (greater than 50,000 population), are dangerous places. These places are, by their very nature, more dangerous than the rural places in this nation. Refuge 101 also presupposes that you agree that low elevation locations are less safe, as a general rule, than high elevation places.

To reach these understandings, you will have to study the bible, first of all. Descriptions provided by Jesus of seas and oceans where the "wind and the waves will be roaring" should be an adequate start for you.

Then, there are the prophecies that have gone before us, that were received by men such as A.A. Allen, Dumitru Duduman, Henry Gruver and David Wilkerson. Matthew Stephen and I have read these prophecies, and God has also given us many visions and words to augment them. You will, of course, have to seek and hear from God yourself with respect to all of this.

Once you have agreement with this understanding, you will then need to seek God for specific instructions regarding just what you are to do about it.

I believe your starting point, once you realize the danger you are in, in accordance with refuge 101, is that you should seek God to know where you are to go. What is a refuge area? You should not assume that you are to stay, right where you are, on the coast or in the suburb of a metropolitan area.

You can use the mapview link at my website,

Stephen Bening's website

There, you will find maps by several people that show where particular areas of danger have been revealed spiritually. You can use those maps to begin to pray about where you are to go.

You can also study the website of Matthew Stephen at:

Matthew Stephen's Website

So, after you have done some prayerful study, you may be developing some ideas about where God may be leading you to go.

I had a "run in" with a young Baptist lady last week who is beginning to realize that she is living on the coasts in a zone of destruction. She maintained that God has spoken to her that she is to stay right where she is.

How did I answer her? Well, I pointed out that in my experience, God adequately prepared me for what I would face when He sent me as a missionary to Medellin, Colombia. I knew the danger that awaited me there. I entered into fasting and prayer to reach a position of certainty that God had called me there. God had also prepared me by sending me into "harms way", many times, here in the USA and abroad.

So, in contemplating the trip to Medellin, I was spiritually prepared for it. I knew how to walk in the Spirit. I knew the danger and I knew how to meet it in prayer.

God is like that. He prepares us for what He is sending us into. If you have never been sent by God into "harms way", how could you possibly have been sent by God into life in a coastal location, where destruction is certain to reach you in the hour that is now upon us?

So, many of you are going to have to overcome these self delusions. God has not sent you to surf on top of a thousand foot tsunami, after all. You are going to have to get real with yourself and with God about just what God intends for you.

Once you overcome and reach this point, you will want to do all that you can do to move toward relocating to a safe area. Probably, you don't have the money to move right now. Might I suggest that you can drive there and pray through the area several times. Seek God for more revelation. Is the area you are considering a place where others are being gathered to by the Lord? Are you able to forward position some prep gear in a storage facility in the safe area God has identified for you?

Finally, let us assume that you have relocated. You are now living in the place Jesus has shown you. Does that mean you will stay here forever? Might Jesus have temporarily lodged you here? Is the area a "temporary refuge area"? Will He move you elsewhere? We have a need for the receipt of continual, daily revelation from God.

Much in biblical prophetic revelation consists of promises from God that are conditional. These future promises will only come forth from God if the people of God are willing and obedient. If they are not, the promise of God will not materialize. This has apparently been happening with the American areas of refuge that have been prophetically identified. The refuge areas have been shrinking over the last twenty years.

Thus far, the American remnant have not been very obedient about getting into the places of refuge. Once they are there, they have tended to "rebuild those things they have destroyed" (Galatians 2:18). They have hung on to the traditions of the harlot church in many cases. The enemy is a thief. He has stolen much of what God intended to provide for us. How long will we put up with it?

Finally, once you have relocated and you are living in a place where God has gathered other, like minded individuals, will you begin to trust in your mountain location for your safety? Will you trust in your guns, ammunition, stored food and prep supplies? Where is true refuge and safety really found?

Trusting in anyone or anything other than the Lord Jesus Christ is absolute folly. You must live on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. If, after everything you have done, you return to your vomit, you are no safer than you were at the first, and the destructions that have been unleashed upon this nation will seek you out, even if you hide yourself in a mountaintop cave.

We must live holy lives. We must cast off the traditions of men that have allowed our churches to become lifeless and powerless shells that project a form of godliness but offer no true fulness of His presence. We must be led forth by the Spirit of God.

We are vindicated and protected by being in the fulness of His presence. To do that, we must walk in the center of His will for us. The path is narrow that leads to life. Will you find it and remain in it?


Stephen L. Bening

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