PROPHECY: Blessing to Come, Prayers to be answered, Vision to change, A Scroll to be given-Kay Lynn Manker
(January 24, 2001)

Dear Stephen:

I have kept you and yours lifted and thank you for the same. Last night as I was praying and being still{I wish I was an artist} I saw the sky open over your area it was nor a large hole but in it were colors of purple blues gold silver sunset colors but very deep and vivid and darkness was all around the hole and inside I saw a huge Lords angel and a Dark large Principality and { sorry I am weeping }a third man liken to the Son of God appeared between them and had Large trumpet inHis left hand and a large scroll in his right and I heardHim say:

Stephen I allowed you to begin that work in this place for my Glory because of those that stood with you this prince of darkness is falling. You are as Gideon and the ones with you will see great victory this year. As you watch and see the prayers you have prayed answered in the nation so you will watch the prayers change your vision and those that stand at the gates and great will the deep things I have hidden be revealed to those that continue to stand with you. I am bringing GREAT change to all that press forward into My Passion and I will know you and you will know me. Many at first will hate and mock but stand still for they will know that I stand with you and those I have given unto you. This time you will find yourselves on a journey to the TENT of Meeting Exodus 33-7 For this people shall know their God and He will do great and Mighty things in their midst. Always remembering that wisdom will keep them balanced and the Cross will lead them forward.

Jan 22 01Kay Lynn His daughter

Kay Lynn also had a dream on the night of the 23rd/24th. She relayed it to me today.

Stephen last night I dreamed what He spoke and I saw the Lord reach down and hand the this net the scroll and we were rejoicing but realized the seriousness of the commission and the lateness of the hour. As He handed the scroll down there weremany many people reaching up for their part. He smiled and said,

"Son Stephen great has become the company that stand with you and they are reaching higher for the scroll. These are those of passion faith and love for their Lord.They know their hearts cry is DEEPER LORD MORE LORD. For the Trumpet shall blow and you will see much and hear much in this Nation and these with you will not falter because of the Spirit of Grace that will and is being released upon you. Alex and you are on divne assignments for a time such as this.

Tell this army: Gird up, prepare and listen to My spirit for time may be lengthened for a season but for my prophets and those that watch over them time has excelerated. Seek Me and I will show you great and mighty things you know not of.


His daughter Kay Lynn

Stephen L. Bening

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