PROPHECY: Shaking And Intimacy With The Lord
October 1, 2002

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All around me, things and people are shaking. I am in the calm….as it were, in the eye of the storm.

Mind you now, I am full of great compassion for these shaking people. I know exactly how they feel. I’m doing my best to minister encouragement to them, and to labor in prayer for them. Some of us have been shaken over long periods of time in the past, and are now in the calm so that we can pray.

Just at this time, I am also seeing all types of “how to” manuals all across the internet that aim to manage or handle this shaking, or to instruct you in five pages how to have relationship with God, or calling us into the chamber of the bride, and this or that.

Relationship with the Lord is very simple. Little children can have it. All it requires is this:

1) Go to a quiet room or solitary place. Lift your hands and ask Him to pour out His Spirit upon you and bring you into His presence. Keep your hands in the air until you feel He is present. Worship Him! 1a) If He will not manifest His presence to you, ask Him to reveal what idol in your heart is causing Him to keep His distance from you.
2) Humble yourself, confess your sins and express your sorrow for your disobedience.
3) Talk to the Lord.
4) Listen for his reply.
5) Whatever He tells you to do: do it!
6) Read His word, and ask Him questions about what you should read and about what you don’t understand.
7) Repeat 1-6 every day

There, I used ten lines, and even I probably said too much. The “how to” of relationship with the Lord is very, very easy. Don’t let anyone bulldoze you into thinking that you must be one of the mighty prophets to enjoy this. This is for every saint of God.

The difficulty here is in the daily walking out of these seven steps. All the power of Hell will be marshaled against you, but where else do you have to go? Who else has the words of eternal life?

Have you ever wondered just where the door is to enter into the fortress of God. The door is Jesus, and once you enter in, and carry out those seven steps every single day, you will be in His fortress. I learned to do this from many years in the storms, and from exiting one storm and promptly entering into another. There is no other way…no other solution….no other painkiller. Jesus is the only solution.

I have said it before: right now, there is a wildfire of intimacy waiting to ignite you in your prayer closet. Set yourself some time apart, preferably early. Go into your prayer closet, close the door and lift your hands. Get ready to experience the presence of the Lord like you have never known it at any time.

How many of you are doing this? As the storm intensifies, you will be left with no other choices. Church meetings won’t do the job. You must have this intimate time to spiritually thrive.

Why wait another day?

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