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He Took My Nails

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I'm sitting here writing tonight and the wind is furiously blowing here in South Florida. That wind is also blowing in the realm of the spirit. Winds of doctrine are blowing in the church.

Many are saying now that we must obey the Torah: keep the sabbath, circumcize the young, move to Israel, discover your true tribe. They claim dissatisfaction with where they have come to in their Christian walk. We see this with some of our brethren who have previously been known as charismatic. They have a thirst for something more, and now they propose to quench that thirst with torah obedience. They hope to finish out with torah what they began by the Spirit. Old deceptions die hard.

Deep darkness is definitely beginning to cover the earth. The eyes of the seer are being closed. Revelation and the word of the Lord is becoming scarce. What are the believers to do in this hour of deception and perversion?

Arise, shine, for thy light has come. Yes, the Lord is willing to fill us with his glory. But what are the requirements? Well, first of all, I believe there is one very crucial one. I believe that you must place all your hopes for justification with God and your dreams of entering heaven on the atoning work of the sacrifice of Jesus. You must come to the utter, bitter end of yourself and realize that you cannot and will not ever be able to live the Christian life. Yes, Jesus can live it perfectly through me, but the cold hard fact is that my flesh will not allow him to do it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

You see, it's not about the days that you obey if you propose to be a torah keeper. It is about the days that you miss. That day that you blow it! That day you fail to keep the sabbath! That day you fall! Since it is impossible for you to live even the christian life, let alone keep the torah from this point on until your death, every single day, living without sin, you will not be able to ever say that you are without sin. You will not call God a liar in that case, I hope and pray. You will humbly confess that the day will not come when you shall not need the blood that Jesus shed for you.

I believe that we should stop sinning! The New Testament exhorts us to do so. We are given power over sin in the same way that the law of aerodynamics takes precedence over gravity. We are not to live in sin anymore. And yet, those who sin have an advocate with the Father. Those who say they are without sin call God and Jesus Christ a liar.

You cannot live even the Christian life, let alone keep the torah. The torah was a schoolmaster, that led us to Christ. Anyone wishing to go back under it's headship will have Moses for his judge. This is what the scripture says.

Then, what are we to do? We are to walk with Jesus, day by day, serving him; receiving his forgiveness when we fall. We are to rise up and walk again.

On this 24th, the third day of Hanukkah, we are thinking of Christmas and Hanukkah at the same time. History records that the work on the second temple commenced on the 24th day of the sixth month. Haggai prophesied the day before Hanukkah, regarding the temple, and about uncleanness, and about great shaking to come in the heavens and the earth.

There had been a 17 year cessation in that work, and then, when it started, there was depression when the results were reviewed and compared with the former temple, yet Haggai prophesied that the glory of the latter house would exceed that of the former.

What about you? Has your temple lain in disrepair? Have you failed to commence work? Do you only have one day's worth of oil left? Know that the Lord can reignite you. He can work the miracle in you. Have you gotten a little depressed that you have walked with the spirit and you don't see too much that impresses you about the condition of your temple? Fix you eyes upon Jesus! Don't let your eyes be distracted by cultic nonsense that does not save or deliver. Press in to Jesus.

Yes, Jesus told me to take up my cross and follow him, but he took my nails. I'll never have to give my life as a ransom for many. He did it. He is the one who made my body into a holy temple. No torah observer was ever a holy temple. The best he could ever do is visit the temple. I am that temple. Jesus took my nails and I am holy. Hallelujah!

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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