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Prophecy: Not Just For New England
April 21, 2012

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The Lord said to me today that every area of the country is now subject to the sudden occurrence of a DOUBLE JUDGEMENT once we pass through the time of 9:24pm EDT on April 24, 2012.

Matthew had felt led to go to downtown Boston to search for answers to a particular prophetic riddle and so, I accompanied him down to the State House and the Wharf. We reached the "Long Wharf" area that dates back to British days as the major Boston port of the pre-revolutionary time. We went to the end of the wharf, overlooking the bay. Matt was gazing out to sea, and I sat down, looking back at the city. Matt had a vision while he was gazing out East, over the sea. He will write that separately. I had the word of the Lord come to me at exactly the same time as I sat, looking back West.

The Lord then began to speak to me that it is not only Boston and New England that is subject to a great flood beginning with our prophetic actions on April 23, 2012 and April 24, 2012 that will conclude at 9:24pm as we command the sea to leave its' banks and cover the land. Matthew feels certain that it is to be caused by a great earthquake: the greatest ever suffered in this region, so he will call that earthquake forth at that time.

These are DOUBLE JUDGEMENTS. This means that there must be two judgements, in close time period succession, in two different areas of the country. The example that the Lord has given me is that of modern defibrilation of the heart. The heart must be shocked from two opposite directions almost simultaneously in order for the procedure to successfully revive the heart. Early in the heart research process, it was discovered that a single shock was insufficient to revive the heart more than 50% of the time. Only when the double shocks were used did the procedure become reliably effective. The Lord has previously shown me a vision of the church, lying as dead on a gurney in an emergency room, and Dr. Jesus is about to defibrilate the patient.

Today, a friend sent a news report to me earlier in the day, before we went down to the Long Wharf, where it was reported that a man had died because the defibrilator used in an attempt to revive him did not function properly. I believed when I saw that news report that we must also call in the other, almost simultaneous judgement. I believe a Western USA event is also indicated prophetically as being very closely linked in time with this New England flood event. I cannot say for sure that it is a West Coast event. It might be a heartland event. Whatever it is, the whole country is on high alert for the second judgement to come in very short order.

During this trip, we are handling all the "unfinished business" of the previous tours. We are driving the "last spike" of the spiritual "double judgement railroad". Many times before when Matthew has been telling me that we needed to go out on the road, he would say that "we have to get the train running". God has been revealing to me today, as I sat on the Long Wharf, looking back West toward Boston, that when we leave here on April 24th, we will drive the last spike at 9:24pm on April 24, 2012. After that last spike is driven in prayer and decree, the DOUBLE JUDGEMENT TRAIN is going to run throughout this land. It is all going to begin to run NOW.

Stephen L. Bening

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