Four Beasts, Four Horses, Four Seals
(March 27, 2000)

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Sometimes, I watch and what I see involves events that are transpiring on the Earth. At other times, my gaze turns heavenward. The Lord is revealing something and he wants his people to know, now, what he is saying from the throne.

In times of old, prophets were carried along by the Holy Spirit. They were the only ones with that spirit. Now, all believers have the holy spirit, therefore, we prophets should be bringing forth words and insight that confirm to you that you are hearing from God as touching a particular point. I trust that what I say now will accomplish this.

Three weeks ago, I prophesied during a Sunday worship service in Hollywood, FL that the Lord was sovereignly breaking yokes and chains in peoples lives. Where people had been beset by sins, they would now realize they were free. Since that time, there has been a move, a change in the spirit. I have seen it at our church, and it is reported in a few others, that desperately lost people, drunkards, suicidally depressed people and the like are being drawn into the churches and being converted. It is something that God is doing sovereignly. It does not depend on your faith or my faith.

So, I am seeing a move, a change, in the spirit, from my watchtower. What else am I seeing?

I was reading in Revelation 4-6 and while doing that, the Lord spoke to me that the beasts of Revelation 4 were the same beasts as those mentioned in chapter 6. This may be old news to some of you, but it was revelation knowledge to me. I began to search and inquire to see what new understanding this would provide.

First Beast: like unto a lion (4:7) (Greek-leon)
First Seal: a rider, having no arrows, goes forth to conquer (6:1)
First Horse: white (6:2) Zechariah 6:6 says that the white horse goes forth into the North country, following the black horse.
Interpretation: The release of the spirit of antichrist, who goes forth to conquer wonderfully by peace. This seal has been open since the founding of the League Of Nations in 1917. This antichrist force will follow prosperity and capitalism into the North countries.

Second Beast: calf, or young bull (Greek-moschos)(4:7)
Second Seal: peace taken from the earth, much killing by the sword, murder and warfare. (6:3)
Second Horse: red (6:4) Zechariah saw the red horse too, but he gave no hint as to where it went, other than it was hitched to the first chariot.
Interpretation: World communism, with it's seat of power in Moscow (compare moschos), is released upon the Earth, marked in 1917 by the Bolshevik revolution. We see it evidenced in obvious names: Red Army, Red China.

Third Beast: It had a face as a man (4:7) (Greek-anthropos)
Third Seal: A rider with balance scales in his hand, sent forth. A voice, speaking of trade and prices. This voice was spoken in the midst of all four beasts, directing them to hurt not the oil and the wine.
Third Horse: Black. Zechariah 6:6 says that the black horses go forth into the North country. Could the 6:6 scripture reference identify these regions as the power base of antichrist?
Interpretation: The black horse symbolizes capitalism. It's seat is the United States, which, through freedom, is symbolized by the man...the individual and individual rights. The rider is given instructions on trade, something very common in capitalism. Instructions are given to the other three beasts that wherever this horse goes, the oil and wine will not be hurt...there will be prosperity.

Fourth Beast: It was like a flying eagle (4:7) (Greek-aetos.)
Fourth Seal: A rider named death, with hell following after. Power to kill was given over a fourth part of the earth. Killing is to be done by sword, hunger, death and by the beasts of the earth.
Fourth Horse: A pale horse.
Interpretation: The horse is the color of gangrene, a sickly, pale greenish yellow. This death is inflicted on a fourth of the earth, not a fourth of mankind. Why the associated beast is an eagle, I cannot say. One thing is certain, a fourth of the earth has been afflicted by plague and death ever since WW 1.

One last observation: Zechariah's horses are said to be the four spirits of the heavens, which go forth from standing before the Lord of all the earth. (6:5) In that they are four spirits, they are like unto the four beasts of revelation 4 who cry Holy, Holy, Holy, day and night.

Why is God speaking this to me now? I think it is to emphasize that these forces have been released some time ago. We are not awaiting their release, only the culmination of their efforts.

Stephen L. Bening

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