(August 23, 2000)

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Subsequent to my drafting and publishing this word, Hurricane Debby fizzled and Art Cormier decided that he had not said "thus saith the Lord" with respect to his portions of what is prepared below.

This word contains information that the Lord spoke to me. I find it interesting that when I published the word, I clearly indicated on each line exactly who the author of it was. I recommend that you ignore the predictions included below by Mr. Cormier, as he has directed you to do, and regard the words authored by me, Stephen L. Bening, as being from the Lord. You are of course directed to seek the Lord with respect to them, as you should with all words of prophecy.

What follows is the exact text, as I published it on August 23, 2000.

On Saturday, 8/19/2000, the Lord gave a dream to a brother of mine, Hiram Clyman. He told me of that dream on Sunday morning and told me to tell the dream to another brother, Art Cormier, who lives in Gainesville, FL. All three of us have been used by the Lord in the past to deliver prophecy from the Lord.

I complied and delivered the dream, interpreting pieces of it as well as I sent the details to brother Cormier.

The result is that the Lord is speaking many things, some of which concern us in South Florida. The weather forecasters are saying that Hurricane Debby has an 18% chance this morning of hitting Miami. This is what has come forth thus far from the dream and the subsequent interpretations:

1) Debby will strike the Ives Dairy Road area, which is on the line between Dade and Broward Counties. (Given through Art Cormier)

2) Flooding will be 6 feet deep on the beaches, up to ankle depth inland. (Given through Art Cormier)

3) We have, of course, been directed to pray that the storm will turn away and not hit populated areas. (Given through Art Cormier)

4) The storm is a chastisement, sent by the Lord to cleanse his church, just as an herbal shampoo not only cleanses the hair but brings new life to it and builds it's body. (Given through Stephen L. Bening)

5) The storm is a sign, as indicated by it's name. Debby, short for Deborah, the judge of Israel, is a sign of judgement to come upon America. (Given through Art Cormier)

6) The storm is a sign, as indicated by it's time. It became a hurricane on the morning of 8/22, the exact same date and time on which Andrew became a hurricane. The disastrous earthquake along the San Andreas (Andrew) Fault in California is near. This earthquake has been prophesied previously by me and many other prophets. (Given through both Art Cormier and Stephen L. Bening)

7) The storm is a statement, by the Lord, that the peace process in Israel, which is resulting in the giving up of God's land and a parceling out of the temple mount, is judged, and yet, it will continue for the time granted to the spirit of antichrist for him to destroy wonderfully through peace. (Given through Stephen L. Bening)

8) The storm has acted as a prophetic catalyst to stir up the spirit of prophecy in me. The Lord is saying that the nations are drunk, but not with wine (Isaiah 51:21). The nations have drunken of the wine of the Babylon (Jeremiah 51:7) and have drunk the wine of her fornication (Revelation 17:2). (Given through Stephen L. Bening)

There are more parts of this revelation that have been given that I do not yet know how to present. These I am laying before the Lord in prayer. I will update this page as I receive further light from the Lord.

I find it interesting that the Lord first allowed the weather forecasters to point to Miami as the target of this storm. Then, he has quickened his prophets with a message about it as well. This indicates to me that the major purpose of this dream, interpretation and word of prophecy is not to predict a storm but to speak to the apostasy of America and the church within her.

Many terrible judgements have been prophesied against America. The Lord has graciously waited and delayed those. He is reminding his church that his word will stand and that his grace and forgiveness for the individual believer will not hold back his hand on the day when a nation is judged. Turn back, America, to the Lord your God. Yes: pray that the storm will turn, but pray more fervently that America will turn.

And so the Lord will come suddenly to his temple. He is coming soon.

Stephen L. Bening

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