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March 2, 2005 (Update January 12, 2007)

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My Present Location: Hollywood, Florida USA

My first missionary journey to Africa took place in September, 2004. I returned in December, 2004 and plan to return again next April. Thus far, I have ministered the gospel in three nations (four now). Our team has a goal to reach three more in 2005.

During each journey, of which there have been six separate trips complete with outdoor evangelism and church revival meetings, I always insist on two things: 1) I ask to hold home meetings in every city I travel to, and 2) I ask to visit the orphans.

There are many orphans every place you travel to in Africa. Societies and customs differ, but the orphans are everywhere. When I visited my first orphans in Africa, I began to talk with the Lord, as my heart was pulled on very hard by them. I pleaded with God that whenever He brings me in front of them, that I will always have money in my pocket to give for improving their situation, even if it is just a little gift. So far, The Lord has always provided for me in that way, and several times, in a miraculous way.

The pictures that follow show the orphans that I have helped in Africa through March, 2005. Where I do not have a picture, I have provided a brief discussion.

I began with the 68 orphans, in the area of Webuye/Chwele, Western Province, Kenya. Then, we will look at Adullam Orphanage in Webuye

Let us take a look at the 40 orphans that are cared for by Bishop James Maumo Were and his wife near Webuye, Western Province, Kenya. The orphanage is new, and James lives there, on the site, with his wife Flora. As you can see from the picture, I have visited there as well. These are some really great kids, and they love to touch and be touched. They love to pray.

40 Orphans-Webuye-James Maumo Were

4 Orphans-Webuye-Peninah
There is another small group of orphans in Webuye, who are cared for by my friend, Peninah. She is an intercessor. Currently, I have no picture for this group, but I desire to support them.

70 Orphans-Milo-Bishop Alex Wabwile and Pastor Beatrice
These were the first orphans I met in Africa. I was able to minister to them and to their caretakers in the home of Pastor Beatrice. Bishop Alex is a dynamic man of God, and a great friend.

Bishop Alex has been very sick at times in 2006. We pray for his complete healing.

10 Orphans-Chwele-Mama
Ten orphans are cared for by a woman whom I know as "Mama" of Chwele. I have a picture of Mama, which I will upload later. Right now, I don't have a picture of the ten specific orphans, but I have helped Mama with support.

68 Orphans-Webuye-Bishop Patrick Wachiye
Glory Ministries of Webuye cares for 68 orphans in and around Webuye. They are working on the acquisition of a facility. Presently, the children are cared for in private homes.

My last trip to Africa carried me to Kigali, Rwanda. There has been so much written, and in the news, about Rwanda, and there are more orphans there than anywhere, or so it seems. I visited a group at a place called Masaka, on the outskirts of Kigali. Pastor John watches over them. There are 117 of them at this orphanage. I am pictured here, with them, after they performed, danced and sang for me during my visit there. They are precious.

117 Orphans-Kigali, Rwanda-Pastor John

50 Orphans-Kampala Uganda
I have no picture of the group, but I have helped these orphans on each of the two African trips I have taken. Hopefully, I will upload a photo of them in the future.

It is a rural bush area, and there are many orphans with needs there. The place is called Chenunah (Cursed Place). The Lord renamed it Chanunah when I preached there (Blessed place).

Finally, there are the orphans of Sowetto Academy, at Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya. There are about 100 full time orphans at the academy, and 500 attend day school there. The orphanage was founded, and is operated by Chris and Joanne Okumu. I do not always agree with brother Chris. Chris has some support in the USA, and he travels here fairly often. I do not agree with all of his tactics and methods in obtaining funds, but the children have needs, and he does a good job taking care of them in so far as I can see.

100 Orphans-Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya-Chris Okumu

As we reach more nations, we will reach more orphans and this page will expand. That is just fine. Whereever I meet them, I become one of their fathers. I cannot turn a blind eye to them.

Please help us to help them, in any way that you can. The Lord promises in His word that you can only LEND to them. You cannot can only LEND. He is their Father. Think about it!

When you send your money to Africa, it is probably even more important that you send up your prayers to heaven on behalf of all concerned, that they be protected and kept from the tempter.

Stephen L. Bening

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