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Prophecy: From The Pit, To The Prison, To the Palace, Pt. 1
September 26, 2018

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Mary Bening Prophetic Archive


Genesis 37: 12-24.

How many of us can identify with the PIT experience? How many of you can testify to the fact of being in a pit or prison and then rose to the fame of the palace? Do you know that you can literally be in a prison without bars? Are you in a pit right now? How about a prison without bars? Joseph had no idea or choice or control over the unjust circumstances that was about to follow his life. It was a conspiracy by his brothers to get rid of him. Their mocking him wasn't enough. He either had to submit to it or die in the process. Even though he didn't have a choice he surrendered to his destiny, because his destiny was already in full gear.

I have found out that whenever God allows us to go through any kind of experience, He always has a ram in the other words, a plan and a purpose. It really doesn't matter what it looks like in the natural or whether it meets our approval or not. You must place your eyes on the spiritual aspects of the present situation. A man can do all that he can, but when Revelation hits him, it will change his perception of certain spiritual things.

Joseph was a mere shepherd boy to some; a dreamer to others; but to God he was a chosen vessel....appointed and anointed to be a Deliverer. Needless to say his shepherd's boy status didn't change, because God was about to establish him to become someone great. How about you man of God? How about you woman of God. Has God established you to become someone great in the kingdom?

Your status does not move God. It does not mean a thing to Him. Your status does not either determine which direction you're headed in. It is totally dependent on God. Your status is not dependent on what others think about you or label you as. It's been said God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called. God loves dreamers, so dont stop dreaming. The enemy will try to kill your dreams, something I'm quite familiar with. Does this ring a bell for you?

How about your dreams? Are they all dead or are they still alive? The enemy tried to kill Joseph's dreams. His mission is not just to kill the dreams, but to kill anything or anyone associated with those dreams. He wants to destroy your mission, your vision, your voice, the great commission delegated by God. His mission continues...if he can stifle your voice or stop you from dreaming he certainly will. Joseph faced all kinds of obstacles and opposition from his siblings. You would think that they would be the ones to support him, instead they labeled him crazy. People will also label you crazy, become jealous of where God is taking you.

The enemy is not concerned with where you are at the moment; rather he's terrified of your promotion to the palace. He knows sooner than later God will bring you out. As you are on your way to the palace, you will have to pass by the pit of Genesis 37. It is mentioned in verse 24, that there was no water in the pit. I believe that the mere mention of the pit being empty had to be significant, otherwise it would not have been referred to at all.

The empty Pit to me represents a place of dryness, hardness, isolation, parchness, hopelessness, desolation and deadness. Joseph was in such a place. It's not impossible for someone to be in such places at the same time. Many times we find ourselves in such places, where everything is dry, dead and hopeless. At times like these we are desperate wanting to know where to turn or what to do. It's pretty obvious Joseph was in deep trouble. God would be his only rescuer.

We are not told but I'm sure he was scared, cold and hungry, especially not knowing what awaited him. However God had a much bigger plan than he could even begin to imagine. He had already looked into Joseph's future and saw the end from the beginning. He had a way out and He has a way out of your dilemma. We know that Joseph did get promoted, but before the promotion came, he had to be tested along the way. Your journey of testing may be long and hard, but if you stay on the road God has called you to walk on and walk through; eventually He will bring you through.

Ps 105: 16-19 mentions how the Word tested him and it kept on testing him and trying him and pricking him; while on the other hand his dreams were manifesting. It seems clear that until those prophetic words began to take life, he was subjected to heavy pressures, trials and tests of all sorts. It's the very same for us. We will also be subjected to basically the same kind of ordeal. He wasn't only tested in the surroundings of the palace and don't be unfamiliar with your location. He was first tested in the Pit. This means you're going to be tested exactly where you are. It could be on the job, the store, in the heavy traffic, your marriage and especially in ministry; as long as it accomplishes God's purposes. His future resurrected in the Pit of affliction. This was the beginning of a new life.

Joseph was being prepared by a sequence of events, in order to get ready for all the nations who were going to be caught up in a mess of famine. He had to have sufficient wisdom and maturity, to carry out God's great task. He would later become a type of Saviour like Jesus, saving not only nations but his family. He was in a dry Pit in his youth and a prison where he was forgotten.

Things in your life become resurrected in the Pit of adversity, only you don't know it as yet unless the Holy Spirit empowers you to bring dead to life; and where hope and help comes to your rescue. Revealed things become Revelation; springing forth like a huge magnetic force not controlled by you. Prophetic utterance is carried through into the Spirit realm of God. Our self-worth, integrity, and lost self-esteem is being restored and a new birthing is being born again. There is a fresh and newness of God's Spirit rising up like an eagle who is ready for the wind to soar again.

Even though at times the enemy strips us bare, where we went through numerous crushing and shattering, God still extends His Scepter to us to enter the palace. There is still a godly place of the anointing oil for us. The crushing and shattering of the very fibers of our being never seems to end, but goes on which feels like an eternity. The surgeries seems like you have been under the surgeon's knife forever. It feels like you are without space or time or any kind of reasoning, before God steps in and rescues you. Joseph faced all of this and still found a place where God extended His Scepter to him.

It didn't matter where or what prison Joseph was in, he was confident that he had important things going for him. He was making best of his situation. Even if everything around him was dark and empty, he had God's seal of approval and favour. God had perfectly orchestrated His great plans for this servant preparing him for his palace duties. Although Joseph's soul lay dry and empty in the tomb of forgetfulness by others; God had not forgotten or abandoned him. At times we have all found ourselves in similar situations where we are forgotten by people who we have helped financially, been a blessing too, prayed for, encouraged and lifted up. Most times the odds seems impossible and not in our favour.

Many of us who may find ourselves in this condition will probably not be able to think of any good reason to go on. God wants to transform any kind of human suffering into something grand and glorious. God brought life out of Joseph as he faced his goliath, his Saul, the Red Sea, his den of lions. No promotion could come until he had gone through the Pit experience. Before you can enter the promised land, you will be called upon to kill some giants; to part the Red Sea; to face your Saul and survive the den of lions. There are going to be floods to cross, fires to put out, rejection and betrayals to conquer, abandonment and anger to push through and wilderness to be content with. It's important to note that if God allows you to be thrown in the Pit, well He will be alongside with you.

Joseph didn't complain about his situation but it would have been good to be released from his prison after his prophetic words to the Baker and the butler came to pass. He had to have a relationship with God to be eventually promoted to the palace. So even if you are lied on, have your character trashed by family or friends, hated without a cause, turned down and despised; it doesn't change where favour is concerned.

God always beforehand arms us with weapons of destruction against the onslaught of the enemy. These weapons are found in Ps 18:32-39. Even Job 10:12 tells of all the calamities he suffered, and yes so it seemed like his utter downfall and defeat. He knew that God had extended His Scepter of favour and mercy to him. In the midst of your troubles can you still see God's favour working? When reality hits us we either rely on God to bring us out, or give the enemy permission to assault us.

Between the Pit preparation and the destiny experience and the seemingly mishaps and misfortunes in both Job and Joseph's lives, they maintained their integrity and identity. Will you maintain your integrity and identity if all hell comes at you? When the enemy spits in your face and it seems like God has gone silent to your cries, where you are blocked on every side, and nothing makes sense, what will you do? You walk around like the walking lose your lease on life....everything is caving in on you....where so you run to? You feel anger, confusion fills your already battered mind, your emotions are in disarray, your strength is gone, you're devastated. Let me introduce you to who Hope is.

Run to the Rock of your Salvation. Don't lose your identity on your way to the palace. Let your identity in God be the defining factor that takes you all the way from the Pit, to the Prison, to the Palace. Many lose their identity in the midst of the struggles. When it's time to enter the palace a new season will spring forth...there will be a changing of clothes and changing of location. Joseph filled the barns to welcome the new season. He wasn't in prison anymore, his location had changed. He had a change of clothes. So too we should gather the riches of God in preparation for the new season.

In His Service
Mary Bening

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