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Prophecy: Decapitated Church, Decapitated People
April 18, 2017

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Mary Bening Prophetic Archive


A dead, decapitated church produces after its kind: dead decapitated people. It's a vision of a dead, headless corpse. As the church has removed it's rightly head, the Lord Jesus, it's no wonder there is little or no Presence of the Holy Spirit in their assemblies. In reality, the church as well as the people have become a powerless body of nothing. They are in a morbid state of decomposition and decay. It's inevitable what happens to anything that's dead and decomposed. The putrefying, the stench and the unbearable sickening smell can overpower you.

Some of you out there who use social media for your evil purposes(and you know who you are), and spiritual propaganda are just like this decapitated, headless, morbid corpse. Your smell is sickening and your stench is putrefying. All you do is see the faults of others and point a finger. Jesus said "you need to take the corruption and filth out of your own eye; before you raise your voice and condemn someone else. You are just an empty vessel making a lot of noise. How is the aroma of your attitude? If it stinks so will your heart. You are just a big balloon of hot air lifting yourself up. And truth be told, you stink, you self proclaimed person.

You are good at making excuses, but deep down you know you're trying to hide who you really are. But God sees the hyprocrite you are and the lies you write...the things you lie about in prophesy, the hate in your heart, the pride you exhibit as you walk around with your nose up in the air; spewing out curses against a certain person. You really believe you are His servant? Well I have news for you, no true servant of God curses others, walks around with pride, or considers themselves higher than anyone else.

Jesus is not coming back to retrieve a dead, lifeless, dried up, decapitated bride. You have been found lacking. And if anyone needs to desperately repent it's you. Have you examined your heart lately? I doubt very much and the proof is in your spiritual propaganda. You should be ashamed of yourself and, as a matter of fact, God is disgusted with you. A rat will always be a rat. You are not out to build God's kingdom, you're about building your own kingdom and a name for yourself. You are no longer small in your eyes, and that makes me wonder if you were ever humble. You are a destroyer of things of God that are good; it's what a rat does, he destroys.

Our bridal attire should delight the Lord, but it stinks. It doesn't fit properly, it needs to be altered. Your garments stink and honestly you are the one that's not worthy to wear it. The body of Christ, like our human bodies; periodically needs to detoxify itself. A process that's well needed to get rid of all the gunk and funk. It's a process that should be repeatedly done over and over again. I believe its the same for all of us keeping our spirits, minds, souls and bodies clean, holy and in tune with the Holy Spirit. We will achieve success if we keep Jesus as the head.

Ephesians 5: 14-17, "Wherefore He saith,"Awake thou that sleepeth , and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light." The light has gone out of anyone who proclaim to be of Christ and will turn around and slander another human being. VS..15, "See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise." How are we living? Are we being wise in our speech, use of social media, emails, text messages. Or are we giving others the impression we are holy and righteous; when really we're living like the devil. VS..16, "Redeeming the time, because the days are evil." We are to make good use of our time. Not spending it on Facebook looking to see who we can condemn; or on an email talking about repentance when you yourself needs to repent. You cannot judge yourself by your actions and others by your intentions. VS..17, " Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is."

You are not wise even if you think you are. You certainly don't have any understanding as to what the will of the Lord is. And you're absolutely blind, unable to discern between a true prophet and a false one.

You see folks, we are in a spiritual combat. This spiritual battle we're fighting exists from now until Jesus returns. There is not going to be a cease-fire, or a temporary truce until Jesus's return. So we are going to hold our position, resist the enemy and stay true in this spiritual battle. The enemy carefully devises schemes and tactics against believers trying to destroy them. And he uses self-proclaimed individuals to pervert the true word of God. These are the people you are to be aware of. They are considered armed and dangerous. Separate yourself from them before they contaminate and corrupt the goodness of the Lord in you.

Don't be clueless and have no discernment to see and know who these conspirators are. They are full of trickery and behave as warlocks using their mouths to curse others. If anyone tries to control what you say or write; regard them to be a warlock or witch. We will not be manipulated, dominated, controlled or intimidated by them. I'm tired of their games, gimmicks saying the Lord says when the Lord didn't say. A true believer will not be easily provoked.

I make a decree and declaration this day April 18, 2017, that We will not receive or keep any curses spoken again us in Jesus's name. All ill-wishes, hexes, spells, divination and witchcraft prayers I cast down and put my feet on them in Jesus's name. I decree and declare that these curses will not stand, will not take root and will not come to pass in Jesus's name. I send it all back, these violent deals upon the heads of those who sent it. You who sent it, well it belongs to you, you own so you can have it all back with pleasure.

In His Service
Mary Bening

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