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Prophecy: Invasion Of The Glory Fire Anointing
August 2, 2017

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Mary Bening Prophetic Archive


I have been patiently waiting for God to release me to write about that "Glory Fire Anointing". He has finally given me the go ahead to do so. The more I meditate on God's word the more I'm beginning to see more spiritually and hear more clearly. It is truly an exciting time we are living in: to not only hear about this revival of the Glory Fire Anointing but to actually be a partaker of it. Wow!! I don't want to miss out on anything God is doing now in this season.

It is really true that the fire of revival will not come when you expect or anticipate. It will be an untimely visit: God's visitation of His Holy Fire. When it touches you it will be like the sudden headlights of a car on a dark road at night. It will catch you off guard. In 2 Chronicles 31: 1 we see that the people had a passion for purity and holiness and did so by destroying all the high places. We too, when invaded by this revival of the Glory Fire Anointing, will want to tear down all those high places in our lives.

As we are invaded by the revival of the Glory Fire Anointing, we will no longer cling to traditions or rules of the past. Let this Holy Fire renew you and cleanse you. In my own personal experience I've discovered that at times God has to knock some things out of me, before He can fully charge or recharge me with the lightening bolt of His Holy Fire (like a battery that needs charging). In the natural world, if a battery isn't maintained regularly, it will eventually lose its capability to function properly or not at all. We are like that battery. We need regular charging of the Holy Fire Anointing.

It will cost you if you don't allow the Holy Spirit to regularly maintain His Holy Fire in you. You have to be a willing vessel and do whatever it takes to keep a constant flow of this Holy Fire. Do not let it die, but keep it burning bright. We just celebrated July 4, where we saw countless displays of fireworks. Let this Holy Fire Anointing be like a display of fireworks lightening up the night sky. Let it cause an explosion on the inside; where the fire causes us to be on a trail of prayer, prophecy, miracles, signs and wonders.

Let the Fire of His Presence engulf and consume us until there is nothing left of us but everything left of Him. Let us cry out for more, so much more of Him. We have to be like Ezekiel in chapter 37, where God tells him to prophesy to the dry, dead bones. I believe now more than ever, that the Holy Fire of God was released in God's breath, when He told His prophet to prophesy. These bones that was scattered, dead, dry and lifeless just became a great army. We too can become a great army as God breathes His Holy Fire Anointing on us.

I must tell you that this fire cannot be obtained by the laying on of hands. It must come freely from the Holy Spirit by the order of Jesus. My experience with it was just that: no hands were laid on me, it just came suddenly. I don't know any other way to attain it. I never asked for it, it just showed up in my early 30's. It's a fire that hasn't left me. This fire is a tangible fire too. It may be felt with the senses and sometimes seen with the eyes. It doesn't show up when I want it, it just shows up whenever it chooses. I didn't have a clue then what this was. It was only later in my life when I began to understand and I still don't fully understand it. However, the fire also brings sanctification; which also results from suffering. It is in suffering that we can fully trust His ability to work in us however He thinks best. This fire is quite capable of exposing the greatness in us.

Finally, in Genesis 26:19, we see wells being dug over and over because of constant opposition. We have to dig our wells in the deep valleys of adversity, where we will find new springs of living water. If we dig deep enough in God we will experience that invasion of the Glory Fire Anointing. It doesn't matter how much trouble or persecutions are surrounding us, we have to keep digging our wells. Your wells might get stopped up, but dig anyway. Your faith will be tested, but you can be assured you will finally have the victory.

In His Service
Mary Bening

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Mary Bening Prophetic Archive

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