Prophecy: From The Pit, To The Prison, To the Palace, Pt. 2
October 2, 2018

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Joseph didn't have a custom made life and I think it's highly unlikely we will to. This sevant of God had to fight his way out spiritually to reach even the gates of the palace. Is 48:10 let's us in on a secret. Are you curious enough to know exactly what it is? The secret are being refined in the midst of your adversity. We will go through the refining process over and over again. Joseph was in that position.

Yes he was positioned in the prison, but he was still not free. There were literal walls around him, and this is how we feel when we are being refined in the furnace of afflictions. We have all been given an invitation to live the abundant life, but most of us don't or have never experienced this. The life God has called us to is not just merely eating the crumbs from the master's table; or just barely getting by on a bit of faith, but rather to establish the fact that we should walk in the richness of His mercy, grace, goodness and love. His offer never changes as long as we stay faithful and obedient.

Joseph's impossibilities became God's possibilities. Is 61:7 says God will restore what was lost. So for every humiliation and disgrace Joseph suffered, God was getting him re-positioned from the prison to the palace. Joseph was being provoked into his destiny. He was to become the man of the hour. Some of you may be in the prison with literal walls right now but there is still hope. So for every humiliation and disgrace you have gone through God is getting you re-positioned for Restoration to the palace.

When terrible things happen to us, even things that are not our fault; and we are being crushed like grapes it all feels unfair. You are probably right it's not fair but the enemy doesn't play fair. However, God takes these terrible things and ultimately works them for our good. He uses the situations for our growth and maturity. I do realise that there are things in life that are inevitable and unavoidable.

Sometimes God sets us up in order to reach our goals. Joseph was humble and obedient in spite of his previous and present situation. He maintained his godliness, integrity and godly character as recorded in Gen 39. This display of excellence was only birthed when he learned how to serve God and others. This account is a classic example of jealousy exhibited by his brothers. It also shows how deadly and poisonous jealousy can become when it takes root and springs up; especially to the point of death and betrayal. It became a leech and attached itself to his brothers. It bit them like a serpent's bite sinking its deadly fangs into their hearts; turning them into hateful, bitter and destructive brothers.

This is a picture of our nation today. There are people who will do anything to cripple and destroy it. Why? Because of their hatred and jealousy of all that's good and godly. They are having a field day by sacrificing millions of babies on the altar of satan. They have no conscience or regrets. They are doing exactly as the Israelites did sacrificing their children in the fire to the god of Molech... 2Kings 17:17. Their poison has spread and people of our nation are actually believing their lies. They are all about devouring and killing and crushing any sense of morals or sanctification of right or wrong. All his brothers wanted was to get him out of the way. We are seeing this happening today in our nation where unfounded allegations are levied against an individual. This goes to show how we are a sorry excuse of a nation; that's on it's way to hell. His brothers didn't want the weight of guilt on their conscience, so they resorted to another plan. This left them free from conviction. They knew what they were doing was wrong. As we are seeing when one plan doesn't work resort to another that's even dirtier and sinister.

It was after years of hardship as a slave that Joseph was brought before Pharaoh to interpret a dream. He let Pharaoh know that God was going to get the glory from him interpreting this dream. Even though it was cruel and horrific God was using it all to promote Joseph. His brothers were clueless as some people are who Joseph was. As far as they knew he could have already been dead. In fact in their minds he was dead already.

However, the day would arise when this Joseph would rise from the ashes of adversity and slavery as Jesus walked through the fire with him. The PIT preparation is only temporary. He was in the physical PIT temporarily. His real test started when he left the PIT. In Gen 37:30 we learn about Reuben's reaction when he returned to find Joseph gone from tha PIT. His concern wasn't genuine for his brother's disappearance. Rather it was for himself and as to what story he was going to tell his father. You have to remember that Jacob himself in the past also did the same thing to his father by lying.

History most of the time repeats itself. Here was a fine example of history repeating itself. So even though God had turned around and blessed Joseph, he still had to face the consequences of his past actions, displayed in his son's lies. This right here should shake us up, if not make us more aware of sinning.

Gen 37:36 Joseph is removed from his home and placed in a different environment of government. A lifestyle he is not accustomed to. He is now faced with a different kind of language, a new way of living, new skills, new religious practices with everything being practically strange. In the midst of all this he was aware of the dryness and deafness of the Egyptians spiritual blindness. These people served countless gods...having a god for every occasion.

In Gen 39:7-12 Joseph is again faced with another trial and he chose to run for his life. Potiphar's wife tried to trap him by trying to seduce him. He refused her advances by letting her know that it would be a sin against God. When he ran part of his garment remained in her hand. So since he refused to commit sin with her, she decided to lie and say he had tried to rape her. There is so much that's going on in our country today that smells and tastes just like a Potiphar's wife false sexual allegiations. The bible admonishes men to flee youthful lust and that was what Joseph did. In spite of his innocence he was tried and convicted just on this whore's word.

We have someone in our nation getting ready for a promotion and all the ones who are bent on bringing this country down, have been engaging in all sorts of evil and wicked devices to ruin him and cost him the position. They have all gone rogue and quite insane in this political circus they call poetic justice. What happened to I'm innocent before proven guilty? Sometimes, it is not enough to avoid temptation, especially one of sexual nature. So do the next best thing...turn and run as fast and far away as you can. It is how we respond to circumstances, determines the strength of our victories. So what matters most is not so much the circumstances themselves or the setbacks in our lives; but our attitude to them

Whether it be suffering or persecution to which you have no control, you need God's help to maintain your integrity, excellence and wisdom. This builds strong character. If God turned Joseph impossibilities into possibilities; he can do the same for us. Joseph reached a place in his life where his spiritual maturity had begun to emerge. The Prophetic was just ready and waiting to burst forth through the birthing canal. As he was on his way to the palace he became pregnant with the visions God had already shown him. He was in labour pains ready to be God's deliverer. He gave his faith life to go deep, not just flesh deep. He was confident that God was the God of second chances. His PIT preparation, his prison purpose was all vital to the ascension to the palace.

Joseph paid a very hefty price to transcend to fame. You will pay a heavy price to rise again from the dead and to be clothed with such an anointing. Joseph's desert did blossom again and perhaps yours will too.

In His Service
Mary Bening

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