Prophecy: Allegiance To The King Of Kings
April 29, 2020

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I've been pondering, with all the chaos and uncertainty going on worldwide, where does our true loyalty and ALLEGIANCE lie? Is it in the world economic system or is it in ALMIGHTY GOD to bring you through? If you have been earnestly praying, seeking and listening; by now it would have hit home......everything around us is being shaken! At present, without a doubt, nation upon nation is being shaken. God is doing the shaking whether you believe it or not. You don't have to take my word for it. The book of Haggai 2:6-7, and Isaiah 13:13 both speak of the same shaking.

People are in fear right now and that opens a huge chasm of a door to the enemy. Fear is a strongman demonic spirit. You have to deal with this spirit with the weapons of warfare that Jesus provided. You cannot wish fear away and he won't leave if you turn to a bottle. You have to deal with him head-on in the authority that Jesus has given to the believer. You must know the authority you possess and you must exercise it. How many know how to use it? How many know about God's conditions for its use?

Let me be clear: we believers cannot live any old way and then expect the hand of ALMIGHTY God to deliver us! We will have to wake up from sleeping. We are being tested and so we need to have our understanding opened and things of the SPIRIT made crystal clear. Only the strong will remain standing during this shaking.

Furthermore, we have been given these spiritual weapons and armaments. These require proper maintenance and care. You cannot neglect your sword, let it get rusty, and then saunter forth to attack the enemy. That sword must be kept gleamingly sharp and the enemy must know that you are not fooling around. The sword is the word of God and no one can sharpen it by spending a mere five minutes a day in God's word. This is going to require work, sacrifice and effort. This will, in my experience, require rising early. Are you willing to sacrifice some sleep to gain spiritual authority? Are you willing to fast a meal or two or three or more as the Holy Spirit leads? God's mighty men were and are men (and women) of fasting and prayer.

How can we remain strong? I'm glad you our obedience, by our submission, by daily seeking Him, by worshipping, and by staying true to your calling. These are just some of the requirements God wants from His remnant. The choice is yours.. whether you're going to allow fear and despair to overtake and overcome you; or are you going to let GOD intervene and transform you?

Are we ready for battle? Do you not know by now that we are in a fight for our FAITH? 1Tim 1:12 says "I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry. God didn't make a mistake when He called you into the ministry. So with that said are, we going to give in to what's happening around us presently? Or are we going to take a stand and fight for our freedom?

The enemy is a liar and a defeated foe, though at times it seems like he's winning. Yes, he is defeated, but we must appropriate the victory that Jesus paid for. We cannot live in such a way that we turn the devil into an apparent victor. After all, he is nothing but a loser man and Jesus is the winner man. Jesus paid such a high cost for us, is it too much to ask of us to yield ourselves to Him wholeheartedly? We have to be so thankful God has given so much to us; yet we have given so little.

The enemy likes to hit us in our weak points, for example sickness, lack of finances, unsaved families, our failures, depression and so many more areas. I thank GOD for His Precious WORD. It's the most precious thing I own. His Word is our Eternal inheritance. The WORD you see is like the ocean. The deeper you go, the more things there are to be revealed. It's filled with vast areas unexplored just waiting to be discovered. The power of the WORD, the tranquility, the depth, the riches to be gained and the treasures yet to be found. There is still so much still to search out and find. Such enrichment: the deeper you get into it, the more ravenous you become. The peace and joy it gives makes you want to fathom its depth.

I want you, just for a moment, to think and drink deeply of the words Jesus said. This is your lifeline. He spoke with depth, power, richness, grace, magnitude, magnetism, tenderness, love and forgiveness. In all of history, not even Shakespeare with all his magnificent language, could even top or come close to the greatest Shakespearean of all times...JESUS. He JESUS spoke the Word with POWER AND AUTHORITY.

God has been gracious to give us the sweet richness of His Word to read, enjoy, digest and share. We digest it in our spirit man....we feed our spirit with the delicacies of His Revelation. It must become sweet to our taste that we must not want to stop tasting and tasting. Believers should become acquainted with Jesus on a more personal basis, if you haven't as yet. With our Lord Jesus, everything is "whosoever will". None of this is forced upon us by Him. Everything to be received from Him hinges upon whether or not we will voluntarily dive into this deepest of oceans.

We fight to the finish or we lie down and die. There is no de-militarized zone where the lazy one may lay down and rest for five to ten years while making no progress. Don't give the enemy any room to get back up when you begin to go on the attack and you have gained a bit of spiritual ground .....back him up against the wall instead. Finish the job! Allow your faith to rise and don't be a coward. God does not delight in cowards.

Be that bright beacon on the hill for all to see and find hope in these troubled times. May the Lord open up our eyes and ears to hear what the SPIRIT is saying in these perilous days of trouble. Redeem the time because there are evil days ahead. God richly bless all of you.


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