Prophecy: Total Surrender
July 13, 2020

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What is "Total Surrender"? It's completely giving yourself up, to the perfect will of God. It is not being partial, but it is rather wholeheartly saying, "I'm your bond servant"; and meaning it. There are people who name the name of Christ, yet they have a lame walk with Jesus. Jesus wants us whole, with both feet planted firmly, on the Solid Rock...Christ Jesus.

In today's Christian world, we have so many that have one foot in this world; while the other is on the Solid Rock. I will tell you living like this is not going to cut it. We have to strive each and every day, to bask in the moment; keeping that momentum going.....even when you're on the flat ground. We are called to sustain our spiritual walk of life, even on downhill rolls.

There must be Absolute Surrender. This spiritual walk can easily be shipwrecked by worldly lusts and fleshy desires. We are told in Ps 37 verse 4, to delight thyself also in the Lord, and He will give the the desires of thine heart. Well how do I delight in the Lord? And by doing so, will I have all my heartfelt desires? Delighting in the Lord, is so much more than what I want or need. It's a life surrendered to Him. It's putting total trust in His will for you. It's resting and waiting and watching patiently to hear His voice speak. It's forsaking your anger, hate, and unforgiveness, and giving Him the reins, to your wretched heart. It's spending quality time with Him in prayer and reading the Word. It's putting away your constant fretting, when things don't go your way. It's doing good and godly things that He has ordained you to do. It's loving Him in Worship and giving Him the glory and praise He alone is due. Truly, it takes real passion to delight in Him.....treasuring Him....going after Him. Have I really made Him my delight? Have you friend?

Our swords cannot be made of newspaper. When I was young I played with paper swords. Our swords must be sharp and able to cut and abolish the evil around us. Pastor, your Sunday sermon is not more important than your worship. If you are not worshipping with the congregation, you're missing the most important part of your preaching. Forget your selfish desires, and start delighting in Him.Can you put aside your so called busy schedule, and let Him interrupt your schedule?

I don't want the spotlight. It belongs to Him and Him alone. In my life, the Holy Spirit has free will to interrupt us, anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Are you comfortable with the glory of men, when a crown is placed on your head? Or, do you take it off, and throw it at Jesus's feet? Don't seek the glory. Seek the King of glory instead.

Our suffering is our identification with Christ. There is more oil, when you've been squashed, cracked, broken and spilled out. Ps 105:4 says" Seek the Lord, and His strength; seek His face evermore". We need to seek Him daily, to gain ground and strength, in time of need. If the enemy senses your weakness, he will move in for the kill.

Gal 4:9 is a reminder, that after knowing God, and seeing the miraculous by His hand; how can we go back and become slaves to sin again. Paul told the Galatians the truth, in verse 16, and instead of receiving the correction, they turned against him, and he became their enemy. Christ needs to be formed or mirrored in us daily.

We are a sweet savour in Christ, tasteful and delightful. Are the things in your life, born of the flesh, as Ishamel? Or after the Spirit, like Issac? So I urge you Gal 5:1, Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made you free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

Many have skillfully corrupted, the True word of God, to satisfy their own greedy lusts. We are not called to be popular, but a beacon of light leading those in darkness to the light of Christ. So let us stop smoking spiritual crack, and laser focus on heaven. And think on heavenly things, and be heavenly minded, instead of worldly minded.


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