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Prophecy: Acts 16:25-26
October 18, 2016

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Mary Bening Prophetic Archive


God does not think like a man, see like a man, acts like a man, hear like a man, or do like a man.

Suffering does not exempt or make us immune from it. Pain does not make us weak even if we're going through great troubles.

We have all at some point in our lives, faced a midnight hour. As there was Power in the Praise and Worship, of the Apostles; so too we have that same Power to ignite our Praise and Worship; and have our prison doors suddenly and supernaturally open. There was an actual shaking and so we too will be shaken at some point in our walk with God.

It might be that you're in a place of desperation, desolation and despair. Even if God allows pain at times, we must remain a disciple and take up our Cross and follow Him. Problems can derail us so much that desolation can set the point that we want to die or give in.

Jesus didn't come to make new laws, He came to make a new bring change to our Seasons. The spirit of man is crushed and killed by the self man or as we know it...the flesh. It's a process that happens very often. The spirit of man is being lost under the control of the flesh. If we're to full of self guess who will dominate?

Self will stifle the Anointing....self will stagnate your spiritual growth....self will self-destruct. So the Shaking must's necessary and needed. We may not want it but it will still come. It was after the foundations of the prison was shaken in Acts 16:25-26 that the prison doors opened. Some of us are in prison and unless the shaking comes and shakes our foundation, we will remain in our prison. Not only will the doors open but your shackles will fall off too.

God is always looking for vessels that will embrace the shaking. You are a Spiritual investment in the Kingdom. We all have a long way to go so Lord open our Spiritual eyes to see what You see. Lord open our Spiritual ears to hear what the Spirit is saying. Thank You Lord for calling and choosing us.

Inspired by Holy Spirit

Mary Bening

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Mary Bening Prophetic Archive

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