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Prophecy: Going Through The Fire
October 14, 2016

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This is for everyone that's in the fire or going through the fire. The flames are licking you real good. We'll we were on our way to dinner and the Lord began to speak to me. He is not going to take any one of us out of the fire until His work in us is done.

Fire does several kills. It's a cleansing agent come to clean us up. I know from past experience that being in the fire is no picnic. I don't enjoy the experience. God is allowing His people to be broken, crushed, busted up, severed, smashes us and has only one use for our flesh....put it on the altar to burn the self of us out. It's like we're put in the middle of the flaming fire grill.

However, the fire is not forever even though it certainly feels like it will never end. It's the end result of paying the Price that brings us into our destiny. God is never finished with us. One fire goes out and another begins. Truly there are different seasons of refreshing. Don't lose hope God will always stand by His Word. He never lies. HE is true to His Word. Trust Him He has your future in tact.

He puts His authentic mark on His true servants who will endure to the matter the cost. I know words are easy to write or say ,but until you yourself find yourself in the fire; you have first hand experience what it truly feels like. It all sounds easy to some who are not going through the fire. Endure to the end. Don't accept any counterfeit. You may burn for a long time but your Father hasn't forgotten you. Joy will come in the morning so look for your morning. Inspired by Holy Spirit

Mary Bening

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