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Prophecy: The Bridal Covenant
October 13, 2016

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Mary Bening Prophetic Archive


GOD will allow you to be Intimate with what you crave. The present so call church has truly lost its intimacy with God. It has surely broken it's Bridal Covenant with its Bridegroom. It has sadly gone after other covenants. It has become vulnerable and weak and deceived and thus easily succumbed to the the things of this present world.

It's laden with divers sin and led away like weak women filled with lust and vile desires. Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria is promoting a wrinkle cream that promises to remove wrinkles. I got news for you it doesn't work. Is this what the Bride has a lie? Read the reviews.

It's all about the money, power and deception. The Bride should be longing for the return of the Bridegroom. Are we loving the world so much that we have lost our longing for the Bridegroom. This world is filled with cravings for lust, fornication, pride, adultery, power, money, sex, immorality and the list goes on just to name a few. It's a captivation of the flesh and the church has allowed themselves to become captives of this world.

There are a lot of false teachings and doctrines that has infiltrated the church. I don't believe that this is how Jesus wants His Bride to present herself. We are still admonished to follow the Holy Spirit's lead. The Holy Spirit work is still going on. He has not stopped speaking or working in us. Don't follow the spirit of Balaam as the Israelites did in Numbers 31.

This Balaam spirit has been allowed to flow freely into the secret places of our lives,dreams and visions. At times we behave as the children of Israel, easily seduced as the men were seduced by the Midianite women. We have a great deal of compromise in our present with the flesh, habits and sinful desires. Some of us don't realise that our sinful lifestyle conquers us. The question remains: how long do you think God will put up with this compromise? Oh Lord how long indeed?

We have a better and greater Covenant which a lot of us have broken. The people of the Old Testament didn't have this Covenant. We have a Bridal Covenant where we have been shown so much mercy and grace. God is calling us to return and renew this Covenant with the Bridegroom. Oh how I long for the Bridegroom's return. We cannot mix a bit of porn with faith...what's wrong with that I'm not married someone remarked to me one time. This is like an overflow of what started in the Old Testament....wickedness...and we have taken up where they left off. We are creatures of habit....driven to satisfy our cravings. Pressure can seduce us to fall into unholy things.

Even if I understand the situation, I still cannot compromise. If you believe you've been seared in your conscience where you no longer feel guilty and sin doesn't seem like sin anymore, you need to get on your face before God and renew your Bridal Covenant. Don't attend, view or participate in anything vile, pornographic or unholy. Don't participate in anything that presents immorality or violence as acceptable. Don't let your fire go out or die out. Wait for your Bridegroom with expectation.

The WORD is the container that brings FAITH into the HEARTS of men. Is your faith still strong that you will wait for your Bridegroom and not give up in spite of your present circumstances? There is no hope if you or I step into the wrong territory. So let the inner beauty of your Bridal Covenant be your covering of Anointing. Inspired by Holy Spirit

Mary Bening

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Mary Bening Prophetic Archive

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