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Prophecy: Fire In The Heart
May 17, 2016

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Mary Bening Prophetic Archive


As I was in prayer the Holy Spirit began to speak, " Come and return unto the Lord, for He has torn, and He will heal us. He has smitten, and He will bind us up." Hosea 6:1-3. As He continued to speak I literally felt Fire inside my chest and continued as I was writing this word. I'm quite familiar with this firery experience for I have certainly experienced it several times in my life....especially when I'm ministering to others. At times I've felt it in the palms of my hands like burning coals.

In the late eighties one night I was very I'll and had to have @ least three(3) injections for horrible pain. I remember I was so drugged when the fire came on me and I actually felt my flesh burning. It was so intense that after a while I couldn't bear it anymore; so I begged the Lord to stop. But whenever the fire comes on me I always hear the Spirit say. "Now lay hands or pray or prophesy." He is calling us back to Himself, to a place of Holiness; a place of Righteousness.

He continues to speak, "I want to give My People One Heart and One Spirit. I want to remove the Stony Heart; so all that will be left is a Heart of Flesh.....which I will give you. A Heart that is Stony will not Hear Me but One of Flesh will respond to Me.As My Heart is full of Love and Compassion so your Flesh Heart will Imitate Me.

I am Tearing the Walls Down between You and I; for I want Relationship with you. I Desire Fellowship with you so your Roots can go Deeper in Me. I am your Anchor in the midst of the Raging Storm. I am your Strength and Fortress. I will Pierce the hearts of My Burning Ones and Consume them with My Flaming Fire. Are you one of My Burning Ones? Will you Return to Me, your King and Lord? I your Bridegroom await your presence in the Bridal chamber and I cannot wait says the Lord."

The fire experience is very uncomfortable. I'm very humbled by these experiences. I've found out that you cannot pray for someone to receive this fire. It's something between God and you alone. I never prayed or had anyone pray for this fire. But I obey Him whenever it comes on me and move on.

In His Service
Mary Bening

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Mary Bening Prophetic Archive

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