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Prophecy: Pressing Toward The Goal part 2
April 21, 2016

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There is a prize for which we have to contend for with strength, perseverance, persistence and consistency. The Christian life was never promised as an easy one or easy way to live; instead Paul constantly reminds us that we must have a determined heart to excel in the things purposed and planned by God.

Why? Because we are constantly under attack and assaults. Paul didn't have an easy life. When he was thrown into the dungeon in 1St Timothy he was forsaken by all his friends. He was all alone except for his faith in God in a place of filth, coldness and darkness. He was still writing letters to Timothy encouraging him.

His admonition to Timothy was to hold fast to his faith...that God was his complete confidence and absolute trust. He was not to allow his faith to be shipwrecked and we should neither. We should not allow ourselves to be draw back into the entanglement of this present world.

Winning a race requires purpose, discipline and skill. The Christian life is hard work...self denial, and grueling at times. We are soldiers and we are at war. We are to endure hardness as good soldiers of the cross. We are running towards our heavenly reward...we must be disciplined in our prayer time, our personal time, with God, worship, and praise. Train your spirit, body and soul diligently...this is how you will progress spiritually and advance and lead an assault on the enemy. As we deny ourselves of some things, sacrifices made will be nothing compared to the eternal, imperishable rewards of God.

2Timothy 2:3-13 teach these great truths to people who will pass them on. Hold on to your faith, even when you feel too weak to go on. Follow God's instructions just like an athlete has to follow rules.

God is faithful and even though we may suffer all kinds of hardships in our life, we have His Word, His never ending promise that we will spend eternity with Him. So if you're facing a mountain of trouble , feeling hopeless, forgotten, rejected and abandoned....well God's got you covered. So press on no matter what.

PURPOSE: Let your purposes be filled with praise and worship. Run your race determined to win. Run straight ahead to the goal. Have a closer walk with God.

PLAN: Deny yourself whatever is trying to keep you back. Discipline yourself...your mind, heart, soul, emotions and body...train your spirit.

PRIZE: Know that you already have a heavenly reward that will never disappear.

In His Service
Mary Bening

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