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Prophecy: Decisions: Successes Or Failures
May 3, 2016

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Mary Bening Prophetic Archive


What choices are you making? God has given us a very valuable's called "free will". Free will gives us the ability to make either good choices or bad choices in life. We can choose to follow after God, notice I didn't say follow after men...and reap the rewards of our obedience. Isaiah 1:20. I want to eat the good of the land, do you?

At times we find that our choices get us nowhere. God's choice is the best choice. He wants the very best for us and He knows just how to get it to us. Most of the times we don't agree with God's methods. You see because of all the hell I've been through for about thirty-nine(39) years; I can honestly say I've not always agreed with God's methods in my life. I find Him "complicated", just my thoughts. But in the midst of all the chaos I did make successful decisions. Other times well let's say I failed every test. Our decisions should be based on commitment not idle conclusions.

Mark 10:46-52 is an example of a decision made that changed a blind man's life. His decision was to cry out to Jesus. Who better to cry out to. He wanted to see. Notice he threw away his garment...sometimes we have been wearing the cloak of spiritual blindness that blocks our view of prophetic insight, foresight and vision. It's hard to part with this garment sometimes, but it's in the parting or throwing off the cloak of spiritual blindness that opens our eyes and relief comes.

How do we make decisions? I'm glad that this man didn't wait he just moved and spoke and received. We must throw of the cloak of unforgivness, hate, bitterness, malice, pride, envy, disappointment, betrayal, rejection, abandonment, failure, hopelessness, unbelief, fear and many more. So whatever it is, it's time to throw it off. Some people sit down and thoroughly think things through, before making a very serious decision. Some people don't think, they just jump right in, while others go from choice to choice accomplishing nothing.

There are people who have made a choice and are sure is absolutely right for them. Then they work hard at convincing themselves that this is also God's choice, when in their hearts they know it's against His Will and Word. Paul's second choice was God's first choice. Paul wanted to take the gospel to Asia, but the Holy Spirit stopped him. Have you ever been in such a place similar to Paul? Acts 16:6-8. With his mind made up he was sure this was God's will for him. However, he left himself open to the guidance of Holy Spirit by submitting his will. Consequently, Paul ended up in Troas. God closed the door to Paul's first choice but opened another door as recorded in Acts 16:9-10. If Paul had gone to Bithynia he would have ended up in Turkey. He would have probably preached and seen many souls saved. Even so he knew that obedience was better than sacrifice and that God had a much better reason for directing him to Greece. Yeah going to Bithynia seemed like it was God, but Paul's experience on the road to Damascus taught him one very valuable lesson.... accept God's choice(s) so things will go well with him. The same applies to us and making choices. Would you agree he had success there?

What about Jonah? He learned the hard way...his rebellion brought him only misery. His lesson was the second choice is always the best. He went through a storm and ended up in the belly of a fish for three(3) days....this is what failure looks like. It was looking him straight in the eye. Jesus reaffirmed to Peter what God's choice was for his life in John 16. When Peter submitted to God's he found great joy as well as success. His will for us is to be successful in our marriages, jobs, finances, in our every area of our lives. He has always wanted to give us an abundance of joy. Some people say that success is a worldly term.

Willingness and obedience yield high rates of success, because eating the good of the land is success. You may say I obey God, so where's my success? Again you must be willing to do what He asks of you, and not do it only because He says so. Jesus was successful because of His willingness to obey even to the point of His death.

God's definition of success is doing His will...being where He tells you to be when He tells you to be there. Moses had to make a choice and he did. He was where he was supposed to be when God told him to be there. He made Moses look good and will the same for us. Let His choice be your choice. In all these examples the second choice became visible only in their darkest moments. Paul's vision came at night, Jonah ended up in darkness in the fish's belly, Peter went fishing at night. These dark periods led to second choices. Stepping out of the darkness and turning to God, enabled them to receive the best for themselves,to be successful and make a difference in others. At times we may think we are failures because of wrong choices. But if we wait and desire His choice He will meet us where we are and lead us.

In His Service
Mary Bening

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