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Prophecy: Pressing Toward The Goal part 1
April 20, 2016

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Mary Bening Prophetic Archive


Phillipians:3:12-14, Paul was very emphatic when he spoke about press go forward not backward. It is going upward not downward. He had developed a very special relationship and intimacy with JESUS. Paul had ventured into a very close intimacy with the Living God, for he had come to realise that in his past he was never satisfied; inspite of what he did. But he found out that only in God was he ever going to be completely fulfilled. We all are in need of a divine Invasion of God. We should desire to seek His Presence and His face, until our identity is completely erased and His identity be birthed in us. Many people know about or know God, but very few seek Him. Paul had to take his past experiences and lose his old identity. He had to Press his way in and Press on. He had a goal in mind..he could already see it before him.

We too have to lose our identity in our past experiences, some which may have been painful and devastating. I believe most of us can identity with what I'm trying to get across. He never gave up but continued to fight the good fight of faith. Remember who he was once. I'm sure now his new life was a tremendous challenge. God wants us to continue to fight and press on regardless of the circumstances before us. We are to be determined to stay strong and anchored in Christ. He is our ultimate Prize. Our trials, struggles, hurts and chaos should drive us closer to Him. Let Him embrace us..heal us. Psalms 42:1&2 speaks about how the deer pants for water and how our soul pants for God and how we thirst for God. The word pants is an expression of a spiritual thirst for God. Sometimes we feel distant, cut off from God's is then in that state of desperation and hopelessness; we can truly declare PS 42:1&2.

Are we longing enough..are we thirsty enough for intimacy..are we desperate enough to worship. Are we being consumed with thoughts of longing and worship for Him? Are we loving on Him enough? Paul learnt many valuable lessons in his lifetime and none of them learnt came without a price.

You see nothing that we aspire to strive for will just drop in our laps..rather it will not come easy...not handed to you in a silver platter. Are you up for the challenge to see this thing to the end? Jesus himself paid the ultimate price for us. We must endure and persevere in spite of hardships, trials, struggles or impossibilities. We must stay afloat, by not giving jn, by not quitting in the heat of the battle. We should become stronger every time our faith is tested...every time we go through the fire and the flood.

1Corinthians 9:24-27..Paul's goal was to glorify God and bring people to Christ. What is your goal today? Is it to accumulate as much money as you can? Is it having a huge house and several cars? I'm not saying there is anything wrong in having things but if things have us then we have a problem. If you're running after things more than God you have a problem. If you have become entangled with position, fame, name and gain then you have lost sight of your goal.

We are in a race and we must endure unto the end. We cannot lose heart now but must continue to press on. God has a plan, purpose and destiny waiting for you.

In His Service
Mary Bening

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Mary Bening Prophetic Archive

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