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Prophecy: No Power Without God's Presence
February 10, 2016

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Mary Bening Prophetic Archive


There is no Power without The PRESENCE. We have all read what happened in Genesis 3: 6,7,8.

Verse 6 represents three God-given areas of human life: good for food(physical), pleasant to the eyes(emotional), and desirable to make one wise(spiritual). God has given us the believer, the power of influence; to have the God given ability to choose good, or choose evil.

Verses 7 & 8 speaks of coverings. Now before Adam fell he was morally innocent. When he sinned, he by nature became a sinner. As such he died spiritually immediately and physically too. He and Eve at that point lost contact with "The Presence". When we sin and feel shame, we (it's our nature) will do everything we can to conceal it and Adam and Eve by covering themselves were feeling guilty and ashamed.

Prior to the fall they never experienced any guilt or shame in their relationship with each other or with God as recorded in Genesis 2:25. When we sin our first inclination is too hide from God's Presence. So really guilt and shame robs us spiritually from God's Presence.

Exodus 30:35-37...God's main concern is for His people to be Holy and thereby live holy. Holiness should be consistent as so too being in His Presence. The children of Israel realised in Exodus 33 that they had been rejected by God because their apostasy had made them blind. However, Moses became their mediator and pleaded for them; reminds me of Jesus becoming our mediator with the Father.

It's easy to talk about being holy but living holy, well that's another whole ball game.

How do you stay holy? By separating yourself from anything that's filthy, perverse or corrupt. How can we separate ourselves when it's all around us? By being consistent in our prayer time, praise and worship. God is really calling for greater sanctification that is consistent and real. We seek out His Presence...His counsel.... His guidance and instructions, devote time to just talk one one with Him.

You no longer have to be a prisoner of shame. You don't have to sell your birthright for a bowl of stew. Don't allow the pollution to consume your soul. Stop aborting your "spiritual callings and gifts" in churches where there is no outflow for the gifts and callings. The Prophetic River needs an outflow. We cannot be superstars. Infiltrate your minds with His Presence so you are able to shout out your prophetic voice. Stop making God in your own image and likeness.

"Don't you let that Jezebel spirit silence your "prophetic voice" or put out your "prophetic eyes" in this hour. For it is the Hour of the Prophets says the Lord and He is calling us to gird up our loins, to come up even higher, to a greater sanctification of holiness. For in My Presence you will become undone. This is the Hour of urgency. It's time for a Revolution of The Prophetic Voices of this earth to speak like many waters in unity.

Shout, speak, travail, cry out, wail and blow the trumpet. I'm calling you My children to sit at the table and eat of things I will reveal to you in the coming days, weeks or months. Don't stay in the valley. You've been there long enough. It's time to arise and move higher in this Hour of great troubles and unrest. Stay close and I will cover you with My Presence says the Lord of Hosts.

The prophetic word was given to Prophet Stephen on 2/5/16.

In His Service,
Mary Bening.

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