Prophecy: Prophetic Word To America
October 7, 2020

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This word was given to me by the Lord, on July 8th,20 at 10.40 am.

I didn't feel led at the time to release it. The only person I told was my husband Prophet Stephen. Earlier tonight, we were conversing, as we were putting the finishing touches on yesterday's article, about a few things that are presently going on in our nation. At that moment I felt a leading of the HOLY SPIRIT to go ahead and release this word.

I, the LORD, grieve for you America, because you have turned your backs on ME, and to ME. I, have repeatedly sent among you, some true men and women (prophets); but yet you ignore my warnings.

You continue to be relentless in taking the innocent blood of babies, and are as guilty as the children of Israel; who passed their children through the fire, to the God of Molech.

You will become desperate, for ME soon enough; but I will not hearken and will turn a deaf ear to your cries. You continue to persist in violating MY laws, of morality, and integrity, with your fetish ways, persistent lies, and criminal activities.

I will therefore, deal with you like I did with the children of Israel, when they forsook ME, and served other gods. You shall not escape, what I AM about to pour out, on you and your children, for your defiance and hatred for ME, America, its inhabitants, and MY called and chosen ones.

Your land is desecrated and soaked with the blood of the innocent who are crying out from their graves, for justice. I'M coming as a hurricane, to tear and rip you apart. You can hate ME all you want, and continue to trample on MY name, but I'M GOD, and what I declare, will certainly without a doubt, come to fulfillment.

I will no longer stay MY hand, but I will let MY wrath fall. And you politicians, celebrities, and companies who support all that's illegal and vile and violent, I will also deal heavily with you; for you have deliberately led this nation astray.

And not forgetting you pastors, I called you to feed MY flock, instead you've been feeding your own selfish desires and lusts. I will tear down and destroy your so called institution called CHURCH. You will certainly drink of the CUP of MY wrath.

It won't be long now, before you will really see who you're dealing with. If you thought you knew in the past, well you will soon find out, if you did at all. I will not beg or plead with you anymore. You have had opportunity upon opportunity to mend your ways. Yet you persist in living for this world, all too much like a king.

America has become a dump for everything that's vile, disgusting, hateful and atrocious. You pastors, you are to shepherd the flock, but instead you rule over them as a king. I'M disgusted with the way you say it's your church, it's your people. They don't belong to have failed them; and you have failed ME.

You have provoked ME long more. Americans have become insane with the blood of the innocent.....with no regard for human life. Now, you, MY REMNANT, the time has come for you to SEPARATE yourself from the world.

Be prepared, fight for your FAITH, and stand up for TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS. Don't be distracted or discouraged, by what's happening around you. When you see all this calamity; LOOK UP, YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH.


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