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Prophecy: The Circumcised Heart
October 7, 2015

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Mary Bening Prophetic Archive


I was reading Jer 4:1-4 on 10/04/15 when the Lord dropped what I'm about to write on my heart. I want to make it clear that I'm not writing this piece to condemn or be critical of anyone.

I too have to make a conscious decision to always examine my heart and life to see what I'm letting in or what I've let in. We are required to circumcise our hearts consistently. Why you may ask? I'm glad you asked. Have you any idea how easily how much trash and junk can accumulate on a daily basis.

My smart phone is constantly downloading trash and junk to my spam.

I'm constantly hitting the delete button. Now the question is how many of us are deleting trash and junk that's allowed into our hearts? Hollywood doesn't care what trash or junk it produces. But we should care about what can defile our hearts. There must be a decontamination of the heart.

Sometimes we expose ourselves to certain things in the media, television, movies that are rated PG 13 but contains sexual content, language and violence. We have just allowed some or a lot of filth to enter our hearts. Oh let's not forget those sexy burger, lipstick, perfume and cable commercials. When did these things become about selling sex.

We have billboards along our highways advertising sex and selling sex e.g. the gentleman's club and we bare it all and strippers needed, need I say more. Dear God how are we surviving under the burden and bondage of this corrupted and hell-bound society. Are you getting the picture? Are you awake or are you asleep and going to stay asleep.?

We have a choice today!!! Whose voice are we obeying? 2Cor 5:14 talks about the love of Christ constraining us. Is this love controlling you? Are you quick enough to change the program or commercial that comes on that's filthy? Or does it cause the natural man to pause and look?

You do know what the eyes see the eyes photographs, records and stores for later use?

2Cor 7:1 tells us to cleanse ourselves from All filthiness of the Flesh and Spirit , perfecting holiness in the fear of the Lord. Are you perfecting holiness? Is there a reverential fear for God?

2Cor 5:17 talks about our old corrupted nature. Sometimes the old things are still dominating us. We haven't exchanged the old filthy garments for the new, clean fresh one. We are still saving the old.

We might be saying it with our mouths but our hearts are saying something else. Going back to Jer 4: 4 talks about the foreskins of our hearts. It is the barrier to our deliverance in worship. Remove it you remove the contaminates......anger, hate, bitterness, unforgiveness and much more.

Is your heart circumcised? If it is then you are going to follow hard after God. You will worship God like a lunatic, like a crazy person. Someone who will lose all shame and identity and breakout in worship. When you awake in the morning what or who is on your mind? Who or what holds your attention first? Is this a game to you? So if you are convicted of anything ask Jesus to wash your heart from sin, so that you may be saved, so that your vain thoughts no longer live in your heart. Remember it's a daily process of renewal each day so don't beat yourself up if you fail sometimes. Amen.

In His Service
Mary Bening.

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Mary Bening Prophetic Archive

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