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What Have WPA Prophets Written And Taught About Controlled Praise And Worship, And How It Is Used To Control The Sheep?



Updated April 3,2007


All true believers in Jesus Christ love to praise and worship their Lord. This is an exercise of participation. We get involved, we come into God's presence and we begin to enter into relationship with our Lord.

The Harlot Church seeks to control this experience in a variety of ways, and the control is very often different in shade and tone, just like a fingerprint. Consider these, among the many different types of expressions of control that are in use today:

Sometimes, the music is so loud that the believer cannot even hear himself or herself sing. This makes participation difficult;

Sometimes, the music is prepared according to a pre-established order. No variation is allowed;

Sometimes, only certain styles of songs are permitted;

Sometimes, there is no opportunity presented for those who are in the congregation to suggest a song, or to share a word from the Lord that is received during the praise and worship.

The music is presented, but the experience is controlled. The people love to worship the Lord, and will suffer along with the control. They will bear with it without making much sustained complaint. The people will not easily leave the praise and worship environment of the harlot church, and most times, will tend to prefer the controlled worship environment to having no corporate worship.

The time of worship in the church is the main time that we should expect to receive prophetic revelation from the Lord. The Harlot Church stifles this and quenches the Spirit of the Lord, delivering a concert style environment, devoid of the full power of the Spirit.

This article was the records Bob Neumann's visit to the 2nd and 3rd heaven, where he was told of the four end time doctrines that will be used to control the sheep. One of them is the prosperity theology doctrine".
Bob Neumann: The Second Thunder (

Bob Neumann responded to some questions on prosperity theology in this article.
Bob Neumann: Answers to Questions On The Second Thunder

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