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Updated July 7, 2015


DOMINION THEOLOGY is essentially the idea that man, acting through religion, will seek and accomplish political triumphs, and will usher in and ultimately set up God's kingdom on the Earth. Sounds good? Well, the doctrine says the church is to do it and can do it prior to the coming of the Lord. One can then argue that great tribulation, wrath, judgements and the like will be rendered unnecessary because the church will have dominated the world and there will be no need for a fulfillment of most of what Daniel and John the revelator saw. This sounds very simple, but it has taken many forms down through the centuries since St. Augustine began to put forth the theory that the church should have, as its goal, the setting up of God's kingdom on the Earth through the church and that the church should seek to dominate and control the governments of this present world in the political sphere.

Consider these strange things that are happening in mid 2015. How many of these recent current events have their basis rooted in the fact that the present day churches are kingdom building (little kingdoms of men in many cases) and have left off being salt and light to a lost world? How many others involve conspiracies where people are masquerading as Christians before the world with a form of Godliness, yet hatching sinister plots to bring about worldwide chaos in order to bring in the rule of the beast and his kingdom?

There is no need for me to reiterate or repeat those things that prophetic author Joseph Herrin has written lately regarding recent laws enacted and Supreme Court decisions, how these events have been part of a plan to raise the kingdom of the beast of Revelation chapter 13, along with severe storms in Washington DC, so my article here may be rather short if the Lord will permit it. You would do well to read these:

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I was just typing in the html code for these three links when it occurred to me just how many long articles I have written in the past twenty years or so and these Joseph Herrin articles are long. They have, I believe, gone unread for the most part. Perhaps, if I keep this article short, but powerful, and reduced to bullet points, you might click on Joseph Herrin's links and actually READ his long articles. So please, help me God:

  • The Supreme court issued their now infamous ruling legislating unrestricted homosexual marriage last Friday, June 26, 2015. On the Hebrew calendar, that day is the 4th month (Tammuz), 9th day. Jeremiah 39:2 and 2 Kings 25:3 both agree as to events that took place on another Tammuz 9 in the days of Jeremiah: There was a severe famine and the city was broken up. The Babylonians began to tear the walls of Jerusalem down. Have these decisions begun to break up the city in this generation? Are not the spiritual walls of America entirely down at this point. Thirty days after those Jerusalem city walls fell down, the house of God was burned to the ground. What will happen here in thirty days? Clearly, pass the salt if you can find it please?

  • Two other Supreme Court decisions made in close time proximity to the one referred to above: Obamacare and the decision by the Court to refuse review of the voting rights case, ie States may not require voters to prove they are citizens, are likely to stir up those whose desire is to defend this nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  • Are we to believe that the thirteen state, and growing, Jade Helm exercise, which will disperse thousands of US military personnel around US States in July, 2015, primarily in the West and in the South, is merely a coincidental activity in that these personnel have been placed in areas that one might expect would react most vigorously to three Supreme Court cases that appear, on their face, to be a blatant attack against the US Constitution? Is there any linkage between the timing of the decisions and the timing of this "exercise"? If so, who is responsible for this apparent and evident coordination? Who, if anyone, could have known how the Supreme Court would decide these cases three to six months ago? Are we looking at a human conspiracy, or something more?

  • Last night, July 1, 2015, Tammuz 15, I looked into the Western sky and beheld the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, closer than one pinky width apart as my hand was held out at arms length. These two bright planets have, I am told, not been this close together in the sky since shepherds were tending their flocks by night and received angelic visitors about 2,000 years ago. Given the propensity of Satan to operate as a Xerox copier of the activities of the true messiah, might we not be viewing a celestial sign that the beast might be using to announce his inauguration? Might he have pre-planned from long ago to launch his last days empire at this present time? Are we looking at a human conspiracy, or something more? Satan heading up a human conspiracy is at the heart of the evil of the dominion theology of which we speak.

  • The world consortium of nations, acting through their lending arm, have been carrying Greece at the edge of default for several years, lending more and more money to keep them afloat. They have chosen NOW, July 1, 2015, as the time for that default to occur. Many are concerned about a contagion that may spread, lead to other sovereign defaults and that might just prove once again that David Wilkerson was a prophet, sent by God to America. Are we looking at a human conspiracy, or something more?

  • Washington DC has, in many respects, become totally polarized. Republicans and Democrats can seem to agree on nothing. Why is it then, that Republicans lifted up and carried President Obama's signature legislation on international trade, passing the TPP on June 25, 2015? It seems to me that my bible says that the beast will wish to control buying and selling worldwide. A pastor from Trinidad and Tobago told me this morning that efforts are under way to mandate the placing of a chip in the hands of the residents of Tobago. Are we looking at a human conspiracy, or something more?

  • I could write much about Charleston, SC and the roots of rebellion. I could speak about long held Masonic plans for a third world war and how the Bible seems to clearly predict that an order of worldwide control will be headed by the beast antichrist who will arise during a time of world chaos. Joseph Herrin has done an excellent job with these topics. Can this chaos be anything other than orchestrated? Are we looking at a human conspiracy, or something more? Charleston, SC is located at the 33rd latitude and is on a ley line. Daniel warned us of a last days focus by beast system leaders on a "god of forces". Judgement begins in the house of God! Has it begun with the slaughter of these 9, meeting in a "mother" church, spawned from Masonic roots that are devoted to the worship of Lucifer from of old but, before the world, bearing a form of godliness?

  • These events, all occurring in proximity, require much coordination. Are we to believe that humans have carried out this conspiracy to this extent without Satanic assistance? Joseph Herrin has written at length about American Pharaoh, the triple crown winner. Can human beings alone cause a horse to win three races in a row? Mr. Herrin details the sponsor of the horse: Monster Energy, and their 666 logo. He discusses the elaborate Satanic connections in other aspects in the conduct of these triple crown races. Are we looking at a human conspiracy, or something more? Conspiracies are the stuff of the Masonic order and the Masonic intermingling with American Christianity is the stuff of dominion theology. Those who seek to "take the world for God" have, through the ages, been willing to kill or worse to accomplish their objectives.

  • Finally, this Saturday marks July 4, 2015 (Tammuz 17). It is the fourth month and seventeenth day of the Hebrew religious calendar year. 24 years ago, on that night of July 4, 1991, I heard the Lord Jesus speak audibly to me all night long: He repeated, 4..17, 4..17, 4..17, over and over again. I prayed to know the interpretation, and I was led to understand that the numbers 4..17, given to me on July 4, were speaking to me that Judgement would begin in the house of God (1 Peter 4:17) and that I was given this prophetic experience because this judgement would be connected with the loss of America's independence.

  • Many of you are aware that I have prophesied since November 21, 1991, that economic collapse and riots on a worldwide scale will be followed SIXTY DAYS later by great earthquakes and great floods. Some of these great floods will be caused by tsunamis, and some of these tsunamis will be caused by Asteroid impacts. I have issued a heightened watch in another article, beginning in August and September, 2015 and in the months following, for the near term anticipated arrival of these tsunamis which will eventually be serious enough to be termed as one of those GREAT FLOODS.

  • I believe the conclusion is obvious: WE ARE OUT OF TIME. Every indication is that God will not allow us to pray our way out of these serious events. May I suggest one reason: I believe that we are UP AGAINST AN APPOINTED TIME. Only God can set the planets in the sky and cause signs to result. Only God can cause a Tetrad: four blood red lunar eclipses in little more than one calendar year. A devil can cause a horse to run fast, or a young man to lose his mind and kill without mercy. Men can decide to agree to conspire together to usher in chaos but there is no way for those men to bar Satan from leading and controlling the procession. They need not be aware of his involvement. Those of us who are spiritual can discern and can recognize his calling cards.

    This article records Bob Neumann's visit to the 2nd and 3rd heaven, where he was told of the four end time doctrines that will be used to control the sheep. One of them is the dominion theology doctrine".
    Bob Neumann: The Second Thunder (

    Bob Neumann responded to some questions on dominion theology in this article.
    Bob Neumann: Answers to Questions On The Second Thunder

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