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Updated June 24, 2005

I was saved in 1987, at the age of 30, and immediately began winning souls with the information I learned as I grew. By 1991, I was active twice a week in prison ministry, and was preaching elsewhere, once per week, and sometimes twice, in open air forums in my city.

Beginning in 1992, I became affiliated with World Salt Foundation, Inc., and grew to become treasurer of that organization in 1997. World Salt assisted several missionaries in reaching and remaining in foreign fields. I was also active as a financial contributor to many of those missionaries by giving to missionaries who reached 28 nations.

Early in 2003, I believed that God was now calling me to go to the nations, and that He had communicated to me that I would go to every nation where my money had gone. I reached my first nation: Colombia, in June 2003.

I became Chairman of World Salt Foundation, Inc. in March, 2005.

Since that time, I have reached four African nations. I feel God's call to reach Tanzania and Congo before the end of 2005. God has helped me thus far. The harvest of my evangelistic ministry has been approximately 2,000 souls in Colombia and 6,000 souls in Africa who have prayed with me to repent of their sins, and to receive Christ as their saviour.

My African ministry involves working with a team of 14 ministers who are located in Western Kenya, near the city of Webuye. Seven of these ministers have travelled with me to the three other African nations of Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, and they will accompany me to the others that God enables me to reach.

As we go, we minister financially as we are able to the poor and to the orphans. God works together with us, confirming the words of the gospel with signs and wonders.

Yes, Jesus Christ is THE SAME: yesterday, today and forever.


If God has led you to contribute to this mission, please send Checks to Stephen L. Bening, 6810 Lee Street, Hollywood, FL 33024.

You may also make a tax deductible contribution to World Salt Foundation, Inc., on my behalf, to the same address.

You may wish to contribute to me directly by Paypal (not tax deductible)

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