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Everything should begin with vision: prophetic revelation from God. We should not start any new ministry activity without it. I have vision from God to do these things, and I believe that before I finish my walk on this Earth, I will do these things with the help of those whom God has joined to me in the ministry. The prophet Haggai said to write the vision, and to make it plain. Here it is:


Expanded Radio Ministry-Many of you are aware that the vision for radio and tv came three years before we ever began broadcasting on radio in 2006. I believe the vision for radio is for shortwave, and that we should continue to expand and to build until we have a 24 hour English service that can be heard on four frequencies, which are each directed at 1/4 of the globe. The goal is that our program should be reaching everywhere in the world, 24 hours per day. We have also built close working relationships with African prophets, and therefore, we should also expand to a shortwave Swahili broadcast covering Africa. So, that would be a fifth frequency, 24 hours per day. This is obviously an immense undertaking, that would require that we have a studio in the USA, probably in Tennessee, and a studio in Kenya, for our African partners. Attaining to this full vision would probably require acquiring, or constructing a radio station equivalent to that which is owned and operated by WWRB.


God has revealed that we will have a television ministry. All details about this ministry, including where it will be carried out, are still vague, and require further leading from the Lord.


I have taken three trips so far to Africa. The vision has become quite plain that the Lord wants teams of Americans to go there. When we go there, indigenous, African prophets and workers are activated by God, so it is imperative that we go wherever God sends us. God has revealed that our ministry in any country will grow in four phases:
A) Launch-Initial exploratory visit by our Kenyan coordinator.
B) First Wave-visit by me and perhaps one American team member, with a team of other Africans, to launch the mission in that country.
C) Second Wave-visit by me with a larger team of Americans, where appropriate
D) Mature team phase-where a team can go to that nation not accompanied by me, and where teams will go up to four times per year.


We have already launched this ministry, and we have already engaged our "first wave" small teams. This mission area is ready for the second wave, larger team phase approach. I have vision and word from God to lead larger teams to minister in Africa. I believe the Lord wants the trail that I have blazed to become a wider avenue, that will open up ministry for others whom God has called to obey the great commission. I believe the next team will consist of myself and four Americans to minister for four weeks in Kenya and Uganda. We will travel with 4 to 6 Kenyans, and a Ugandan. We will do outdoor evangelistic meetings combined with in-church and in-home meetings. Budget-$25,000. I would like to lead this trip in 2006, if possible. Ultimately, we should be sending teams to minister in Africa four times a year, and possibly multiple teams, to different areas, at the same time. This will all depend upon the human and financial resources that our Lord puts at our disposal.


We need to send an advance team of two Kenyans to Congo and Tanzania. Budget-$4,000 for each trip. I would like to do this in 2006.


I want to travel and initiate ministry in Congo and Tanzania, and to revisit Burundi and Rwanda. Randy and I have visited Burundi, but a first wave team needs to go there, and do evangelistic outreach, which we have not done yet in this nation. So far, we have only hosted a pastor's conference in Burundi. I want to bring two Americans, four Kenyans, and two Burundians. I would like to do this ministry in 2007, as this will follow after the advance team launch trip mentioned in number 3b. This trip will require internal air travel in Africa, so my estimated budget for this trip is $40,000.


We need to populate a team to do the first wave ministry into these areas. David has already done the initial visit. These teams may be composed only of Africans.


As I said before, the goal is for teams to be able to travel and minister in these areas where I do not need to accompany the team.



God has placed a desire in my heart to help the Kenyans. I have a vision for a combination facility. This facility would be a compound, with an orphanage for 40, a house for the care providers, a water well, with pumping station and reverse osmosis purification system. The entire facility should be walled and secured. My current estimate for the costs of each of these compounds is about $80,000 to $100,000. My current estimate is that there is a need for at least 200 of these compounds in Kenya, primarily in rural areas, and most of them in the East. Whereever a compound is built, water can be sold to the community, and a Christian Church can be planted. The compound should also involve agrigultural production which will be outside the walls of the compound, but nourished by the water supply within the compound with some type of irrigation system.


I also have a vision for Orphanages/Water compounds in the rest of Africa. But, Kenya should be the starting point, where God has begun with us. After Kenya, the needs are very great in neighboring Uganda as well. I need to assess the situation before I can fill in this vision.


The Lord has made it clear to me that He will gather me to a place that is about 40 miles Northwest of Chattanooga, TN. As I have prayed about this, I have seen visions of two metal outbuildings, with concrete floors. I have seen foldable cots and wood burning stoves on the inside. I do not know whether I will own such a facility, or I will be staying in a facility like this, owned by someone else.

Others have had various hopes and desires that we might live nearby one another, and have a shared meeting place. Some have seen visions of a type of media center where we could meet together, study the word, have access to biblical research tools and have fellowship. I have already discussed the apparent future need for a radio/television studio. Since Rick Wiles has a similar need, we might handle some of this on a joint venture basis.

Randy McKee and I have also discussed the desirability of developing a mirror facility in Africa. This might be in Kenya, but we also feel that it might be located in a more remote area, like Congo.

These facilities would best be located in remote areas, away from main highways. They would be stocked with food and supplies. These centers should be as self sufficient as possible. There are examples in the USA that could be imitated. Dunklin Memorial Camp, in central Florida, is one example. It would also be good for those who live nearby to have businesses that augment the preparedness mindset.

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