Prophecy: Red Heiffer and the Third Jerusalem Temple
October 28, 2022, Heshvan 3 (sacred mo. 8, civil mo. 2), 5783

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1987: the year the Lord began to enlighten me, save me and it was a year that, as most, marked some pretty significant progression toward the return of Jesus Christ. I joined into the fray as a new Christian and, at that time, one of the first topics of discussion that I stumbled into was one concerning the "Red Heifer". A group in Israel called the "Temple Mount Faithful" under founder Gershom Solomon had begun to prepare all the working parts necessary to re-commenced animal sacrifice by the Jews in a new temple that they were sure would be built very soon. They were waiting on one thing though that was beyond their control: the appearance of a ritually pure Red Heifer.

Historically, there were nine red heifers used in Judaism from Moses to the destruction of the second temple. There has not been an approved one since then, nor has there been a need for one. You cannot complete the dedication of any new temple of the Jews without one (Leviticus 19. So, the appearance of a qualifying tenth red heifer is entirely out of human control. Given that there were only nine of them found from Moses (1446 BC) to the destruction of the second temple (70 AD), covering more than 1,500 years, they are extremely RARE. The rarity stems from the Levitical requirements for one of these creatures to be found ritually pure: they must be, at the prospective time of their sacrific, free of all imperfection and may have no color in their hair other than red.

One month ago, five red heifers, ritually clean and qualifying for service as of that time, were delivered from Texas to Jerusalem. These red heifers are one year old and will be ready for sacrifice at the age of two years, so we are less than one year away from the time of their sacrifice, if they remain spiritually qualified by the Rabbis for this task. There are many cultural hurdles to be overcome by the Jews who want to construct their third Temple on the Temple Mount.

A character reputed to be the next messiah (to us-antichrist) has been holding private meetings with many rabbis in Israel. We will have to continue watching as the events occur over the coming months.

The other item of significance to report is that all of this is happening one month into Hebrew year 5783. The last Hebrew year was a “Schmittah”, or Sabbath year. So, we have entered a seven year period that will culminate with a “Schmittah”, or Sabbath year in seven years time and there are six regular years followed by a seventh “Schmittah” year. So, all those prophecies regarding a seven year tribulation period, which will be interrupted by anti-christ in the midst of them, are also drawing more attention.

Potentially, I have much more to say, but for now, let us watch and pray..

Stephen L. Bening

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