Dear Friends,                                                                                                                                January 2002

Greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus!












We want to give you an update on our last trip in the states that took us to
Greensboro, North Carolina,
Nobleboro, Maine and Cleveland, Ohio.  We returned home shortly before Christmas.

God moved in a miraculous way at each place. There were healings, divine appointments and the receiving of the manna. We are overwhelmed at all the Lord does and how He directs our footsteps wherever we go.










We arrived in Greensboro, North Carolina on a beautiful sunny, cool, crisp day.  Assistant Pastor Jeff
Kernodle met us at the airport. We were honored to stay with Jeff and his wife, Donna in their beautiful home. 

We enjoyed the lovely Christmas decorations that graced their house. They made us feel right at home and it was just like we had always known them, which is the case no matter where we travel.























Kaye, Gina, Van, and Harold
























That evening, Pastor Van Tanner and his wife Gina joined us for dinner at Jeff and Donna's home. We had met Van and Gina at Calvary Pentecostal Campground in Ashland, Virginia last fall when we were there for meetings. Had a wonderful evening of fellowship.

The next day I commented to Donna how beautifully she had decorated her Christmas tree with such beautiful big bows. I told her that when I got home I was going to try and find some ribbon (on sale) and decorate my tree like hers.
















Donna with her beautiful bows












"Well that must be why the Lord had me to buy all this ribbon."  She went away for a moment and
returned with a large amount of the most beautiful ribbon I have ever seen and made me bow after bow for me.  She even made one very large one for the top for my tree. Then she boxed them up and shipped them Fed-Ex to our home in
Tampa.  They were awaiting us when we got home. We had the most beautiful tree ever. The Lord truly supplies all our needs.










Friday morning we were blessed to meet Bob Statler and his daughter Jennie.  They had driven 8 hours to meet us. One of the pastors had called and told him about our meetings and he decided to come. We instantly were drawn to each other in the spirit. We spent quite a bit of time  together as we were staying at the same place. Jennie, who sings like an angel, blessed us with her singing at both services.













Friday evening we had our first service beginning with great praise and worship. While the singing was going on the Lord sent the manna inside of Harold's Bible on the scripture Rev. 2:17.

We both spoke giving our testimony and telling the congregation how the Lord has blessed us all these years by sending the manna. After which we had communion with the manna as our bread. Many people were touched and healed as they ate the manna.  We all gave God the glory for the great works he had done.














Manna sent Saturday evening on

Harold's Bible




















An awesome miracle happened Saturday morning at the 10 o'clock service. Pastor Van, who had just completed writing his book titled "The Seven Thunders of God", was having a book signing at the church. (His book is about the Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible.)  Shortly after the book signing and the service had begun The Lord sent manna.  The Lord placed four pieces of manna in the shape of a square on Bob's Bible.  Harold and Bob were seated next to each other and Bob's Bible was placed on the pew between them.  Harold noticed the manna first and then told us to look.  We were thrilled!  We believe that this was God showing us that He had put us together in the Spirit and that we were to be friends forever.  Later, at the Saturday evening service God sent manna on top of Harold's Bible.  ( See photo above). This was truly a divine appointment!

As a result of this experience we will be going to Apollo, PA on Jan. 13th to speak and minister at Bob's home church.















Bob Statler and Harold

With Manna in the shape of a















Then we flew on up to
Portland, Maine where Bill & Connie Wilson met us. They are the couple that we stayed with when in Jerusalem.





















Connie, Mama Jenkins and Bill













We then drove about an hour up to
Nobleboro, Maine where we attended a 3-day conference. It was held at a country schoolhouse that had been made into a church.














Country schoolhouse made into a church





















We were truly blessed, as Shelly Baker, Billye Brim and Mama Jenkins were just a few of the main speakers. Also Billy's daughter Shelly thrilled us with her country-style singing. Shelly and Billy taught us so much as they spoke on Israel and revival.

Mama Jenkins encouraged us as we sat and listened to her goldmine of wisdom being 93 years young this coming Feb. She was mentored by and married by Smith Wigglesworth.  It was an awesome time of being ministered to which was a real blessing.












Billye, Shelly and Kaye



















It was hard to say good-bye to so many new friends and saying goodbye to dear old friends Connie and Bill
Wilson.  They drove us to Manchester, New Hampshire for our flight to Cleveland, Ohio.  They returned to their home in the Washington, D.C. area.




















  Kaye, Harold, Bill and Connie at the airport
























This was our third trip to Cleveland to minister with
Pastor Terry and Bobby Grapenthin.  But it felt like we were coming home again.  Pastor Terry and his wife, Bobby treat us so royally that they really spoil us. These
precious friends had us there for three services.

Saturday evening during the praise and worship of the first service, once again the Lord sent the manna inside Harold's Bible on Rev. 2:17. At the end of the service we then had communion with it. The presence of the Lord was so special at the time.














Bobby, Harold, Kaye and Terry




















Sunday morning it was different. Before the service even started we were visiting with some special friends, John and Pam Johnson. They were asking us if we had a website yet and if not they wanted to know if they could do it for us.












We were overwhelmed as we have been praying about getting one but just didn't know how to go about doing it.  But we believed the Lord would do it somehow. While we were talking with them about it we looked down at Harold's Bible was lying on the chair that was between Harold and me, and the Lord in a split-second had put the manna on it. We were all speechless but believed it was confirmation for them to do the website for us. God is so amazing. His wonders never cease. At the end of the service we once again had communion with the manna as our bread. All of us were touched and blessed by the glory of the Lord that comes with the manna.


























Pam and John holding

Harold's Bible with Manna



















We were touched in the morning service to have a Moslem, named Ahmed, who had been saved only a week. He was so hungry for the Lord.  As we ministered to him he was slain in the Spirit and sat drinking in the presence of the Lord. He never had heard anything about the manna before he was so thrilled to be a part of the wonderful miracle that came directly from the throne room of God.














While we were in Maine, our daughter checked our phone messages and found that there was one from Mike Mentzer of Pennsylvania.  He called to say that the Lord laid upon his heart to come to our home in Tampa and enclose our porch to make office space for me. Harold and I had wanted to do this for a long-time as the room we had been using was so small. 












Harold, Ahmed and Kaye




















We didn't know who to get to do the work or how we'd afford such a project.  But within a few days of our return the whole porch enclosure was completed in three days. 

Our son, Tim did the finishing on the walls and painting.  Mike, his wife, Judy and her sister, Mary Jean, who also lives in Tampa, came over and did a whole housecleaning job for us and even helped us decorate our Christmas tree. I am so thrilled and thankful to the Lord for the miracle He gave us. Just to think He would send
people all the way from Pa. to build the office just
because they love the Lord and us.  It is overwhelming.

We can't thank the Lord enough.

Just two days even before they came we got a check in the mail that was just enough to cover the cost of materials we needed. What a blessing from the Lord. Nothing is impossible with the Lord.















Volunteer construction crew


















We want to wish all our friends and loved ones a wonderful, blessed New Year.  We pray that God lead and guide you as you follow Him. As we went to Jacksonville, Fl. for a meeting on New Year's Eve the Lord gave us a scripture for the New Year and I want to leave that with you too.















Our new office














"And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season: his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper."
Psalms 1:3

God bless you all abundantly above all you could ask or think this year. We love and appreciate you.


Harold & Kaye