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    What Shall We Do About Church?
    God's people may sense that something is wrong: they have eyes in their heads. The sick are not healed and demons are not cast out, yet they do not know for sure just what they might do that would be better. What does God expect us to do?

    God's Presence Is The Only True Prep And Refuge
    There will be no successful prepping for this time of trouble without God---The only way to come to God is through Jesus Christ our Lord---To have refuge, you must have His manifested presence: His Glory...and He has conditions---I want you to read this article more than anything else on my site, because it has information you need to know for your safety that you will not find elsewhere.


    "How can any man be a true prophet, sent from God, if he travels a circuit, pulpit to pulpit, bringing prophetic messages, but he does not inform them that Jesus is coming to destroy these very churches that he is speaking to, which have played the harlot? How can anything he has to say have any importance if he is ignorant of that revelation?"

    "Nothing crushes the human spirit like the sudden evaporation of a false hope"

    "Church in the 21st Century: a body turned into a business!"
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