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  • Vision Showing How Jesus Regards The Church-1991
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    Omar and Radical Islamic Terror on June 12, 2016
    Meteor Strikes Central Russia on February 15, 2013
    Financial Crisis-2008-Hurricane Ike-Galveston 08/31/08 to 03/05/09
    Indonesian Tsunami on December 26, 2004
    25 Important Prophecies and Their Fulfillments

    Recent and Fundamentally Important Prophetic Articles:
    03/24/2017, Adar(12th mo) 26, 5777
    Signs Of The International Prophetic Explosion-5 Visions I Received In Africa 03/05/2017
    Every sign, word, dream and vision is saying that we are now in the new day of the third day of miracles from Jesus and that soon following will be the advent of the trumpet judgements of Revelation Chapter 8. The Revelation of Jesus Christ is at hand.
    God's Presence As A Provider Of Refuge-Part 2 01/18/2017
    It is the message no one in the American Church wants to hear: you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. You will not escape what is coming upon the Earth because you are defiled: trapped in your Senior Pastor controlled Nicolaitan harlot churches
    Hosanna (Hosheana) Rabbah 09/27/2016
    We have entered a new season of the Lord: He is going to arise once more to shake terribly the Earth. He will yet vindicate us
    A Haggai Season-The "37" Revelation 09/07/2016
    We have entered a new season of the Lord: one where He requires us to restore His spiritual house by His own power, flowing from within
    Remnant Dwelling Solitarily In The Wood 08/20/2016
    Discussing these things in the era when Micah's prophecy has been fulfilled: God's remnant dwells solitarily in the woods (Micah 7:14)
    Shake The Foundations by Mary Bening 05/12/2016
    When God sets His foot upon the Earth, everything will convulse
    Pressed Out Of Babylon-Zerubabbel And Holy Fire 03/06/2016
    This strange season we are in is the culmination of God's final foundational preparations for a new temple
    The Double Shock Defibrillator Prophecy 05/25/2012
    The Double Judgements Only Come When The Church Appears Dead
    European Open Vision 11/21/1991
    The Economic Troubles And Riots Come First, Then The Floods And Earthquakes, Sixty Days later...Paris is The Epicenter of troubles

    "Nothing crushes the human spirit like the sudden evaporation of a false hope"

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    "Church in the 21st Century: a body turned into a business!"
    Report From The Tower
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    God Never Told You That All Bible Prophecy Will Occur In The Future
    God Never Told You To Stay In A Church That He Has Departed From

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    Complete Solar Eclipses To Bisect Carbondale, IL (My Birthplace) in 2017 and 2024 09/28/2016
    I have been prophesying about the numbers 17 and 24 since the early 1990's. Now, God is sending two complete solar eclipses in 2017 (August 21) and 2024 (April 8) that will bisect America at Carbondale, IL, forming an "X" (24th Aphabetic Letter) there, marking judgement. X is the symbol of the cross of Andrew. God has marked judgement with the name of Andrew once again (Prophecy fulfilled once with Hurricane Andrew). Carbondale, Illinois is my birthplace

    Tsunami House Revelation--Percentage Complete
    100% at 2/23/2017 (Details At This Link)
    COMPLETE! Awaiting Topping Out Party
    Text Message Prophetic Alert Is Available

    "How can any man be a true prophet sent from God if he travels a circuit, pulpit to pulpit, bringing prophetic messages, but he does not inform them that Jesus is coming to destroy these very churches that he is speaking to, which have played the harlot?"