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"How can any man be a true prophet, sent from God, if he travels a circuit, pulpit to pulpit, bringing prophetic messages, but he does not inform them that Jesus is coming to destroy these very churches that he is speaking to, which have played the harlot? How can anything he has to say have any importance if he is ignorant of that revelation?"

"Babylon the great has already fallen, but the people of Jesus Christ are so spiritually dull that they are unaware that they are inside of something that has already become a habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit."


You have all been told that the whole church is the bride of Christ and that before any significant trouble comes, you will all fly away in the rapture. This is WRONG! Totally wrong and un-biblical as well. First, Jesus sees the false church as a "thing". He hates this thing, as it has a form of godliness and it carries His name, but it denies Him in almost everything it does. So, the articles below included in my Prophetic Call, Defining Vision and Newcomer's Tours will lead you into the revelation that God gave to me about how Jesus will come to destroy the "thing" called the church, that Jesus did not build. He will do this by pouring out the double judgements and these same double judgements will shock the true remnant church to life. Messiah will come suddenly TO His church and as she comes to life and then to maturity, her prophets will first wield the iron rod. Then, Messiah will be fully formed in His church and her prophets must then become less as this occurs. Then and only then, after a time, will Christ come FOR His church.
  • Vision Showing How Jesus Regards The Church Today-1991
  • My Call To The Office Of Prophet-June 24, 1992

    You have all been told that everything in the last book is about future events that come after the rapture of the whole church. Most of you have concluded that these supposedly future prophetic things do not concern you, so you ignore them, failing to read the one book that says it imparts a blessing to the reader. Your understanding is WRONG! The purpose of prophesy, as spelled out in the bible, is to EDIFY the true church, not to SKIP over the true church. You have been informed, so you are to be made strong, as you can make appropriate preparation, both in the spiritual and visible realm, as the day draws near. Furthermore, God did not leave believers in the dark during the last 2,000 years. Much of bible prophecy has already been fulfilled once. Read the articles included in these Prophetic Superpages Topically Organized and you will gain an understanding about how so very much has already been fulfilled. You will begin to be able to see the ever increasingly clear picture of that which is about to transpire. You can read here about:
  • Understanding Revelation-7 part Revelation Puzzle Pieces series-With the Revelation Spreadsheet Analysis Tool
  • Naval attacks and prophecies of terrible wars and invasion of America
  • Asteroid-Tsunami Prophecies, Earthquakes and related Maps that have mostly to do with the double judgements of Revelation 18
  • Assembly Function, Christian Life and Refuge

    What Is About To Happen?
    Updated July 12, 2019
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    What Shall We Do About Church?
    God's people may sense that something is wrong: they have eyes in their heads. The sick are not healed and demons are not cast out, yet they do not know for sure just what they might do that would be better. What does God expect us to do?

    God's Presence Is The Only True Prep And Refuge
    There will be no successful prepping for this time of trouble without God---The only way to come to God is through Jesus Christ our Lord---To have refuge, you must have His manifested presence: His Glory...and He has conditions---I want you to read this article more than anything else on my site, because it has information you need to know for your safety that you will not find elsewhere.


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    "Nothing crushes the human spirit like the sudden evaporation of a false hope"

    "Church in the 21st Century: a body turned into a business!"

    "The churches of America were described to me by Jesus, in 2005, as carcasses. The vultures that I saw in the vision, or the evil angels, were flocking to them. The true, remnant church lies near dead and lifeless within this great mind controlling whore."